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These translations are taken from Tetris no Miko's "The Thingful Thinged Thingiemabobber of Manga-Things!" site. They are translated by Tetris no Miko.
Part 01 Part 02 Part 03 Part 04 Part 05 Part 06
Part 07* Part 08* Part 09* Part 10* Part 11 Part 12*
Part 13* Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18
*Parts has been translated, please check Tetris no Miko's Imadoki site.

If you own parts of Imodoki! that are not translated, you can scan them and send them to me, and I will send them to Tetris no miko for translation. Or you can send them to Tetris no miko directly. Or if you own Imadoki and knows Japanese, and would like to make translations, please contact me too!!






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