Imadoki! issue 6

translated by: tetris no miko

//page 2//

[3 boys are in the hall watching gardeners out in the school yard]
boy:, wait a minute....what the hell's all that about?
boy: it's that thing where they're changing all the fake plants into real ones!
boy: yeah..."Kugyou Kouki" is the guy who changed the rules? saying something like he was gonna become "on the gardening commitee?"

//page 3//

boy: that jerk also said we couldn't appose him!
boy: this really sucks, but only a real smart guy could stop him!
[one of the boys with sticky-up hair and earrings remains silent, and types thoughtfully]
boy: //type, type//
kouki: ...yamazaki!! it seems like you still don't get it, huh...
tanpopo: nyo?
kouki: don't give the flowers water 3 times a day! i keep telling ya they don't eat three square meals a day like humans do!! (he said this in kansai-ben. from here on, whenever he talks with tanpopo, it's always kansai-ben. yay! ^_^)
kouki: you amature!
tanpopo: and you're a pro?

//page 4//

kouki: and one more thing! what's really important to plants is..."love"... (said embarrassedly ^_^) what's with that face! just watch me! [kouki bends down to the flowers and talks lovingly to them ^_^] there, there...good girls. you're so a good job blooming...i'll take care of you, okay! //pat, pat//
tanpopo: ...are you for real?

//page 5//

kouki: if you can't do that, then you can't take care of these flowers! //clink!// (kouki brandishes his trowel ^v^) if i hadn't become one of the members on the gardening commitee, where would these flowers be now!
tanpopo: you don't have to act so cool about it...
"praise with love and they will grow", huh. just like humans
kouki: hmph flowers are sweeter. humans can't be raised that easilly.
tanpopo: yeah, i guess humans can be mean. //glance// [tanpopo narrows her eyes at kouki]
kouki: ...what?
tanpopo: nothiiiing.

//page 6//

[saionji approaches them with white eyes, and fire behind her >: )=
saionji: //whooooosssshhhhh!//
tanpopo: ah! tsuki-chan, helloooo!
//whisp!// [saionji glares at tanpopo then walks away]
tanpopo: ah..
tanpopo: ...hmmm, i wonder what's been bothering her lately? she hasn't spoken to me in a while...
kouki: forget about it. //pat//

//page 7//

kouki: you're pretty stupid, so you probably haven't noticed, but you'd better be careful about her. the "saionji" and "kugyou" families are both nobles, and have been friends for a while, and many of us are married to each other, but...
signs: "kantou saionji-family", "kansai kugyou-family"
kouki: ...i hear a lot of the girls in that family are strict...and she destroyed the garden earlier...i wonder if...
tanpopo: that can't be true! tsuki-chan became one of the class gardeners with me!
kouki: you're sure naiive, the only person whose living "as their true self" in this day and age is YOU.

//page 8//

[tanpopo walks through the halls]
tanpopo: i wonder if that's true...
kids: umph! //rattle, rattle//
saionji: what are you doing!? is that not yamazaki tanpopo's desk?!
student: yeah, well, we got orders to "throw it outside"....i do believe they were from YOU.

//page 9//

saionji: how silly. stop it! if you do something like that, kugyou-san will turn against us!!
image of kouki: "from now on, anyone who wants to talk to yamazaki has to go through ME first."
image of tanpopo: manager?
girl: ....yeahm, you're right. why the hell is he covering for that little bitch?!
girl2: this really pisses me off! stupid "weed"!

//page 10//

girl: but i guess we can't do anything about it, huh.
girl2: yeah, she sure got kugyou-san on her side.
girl: i-won-der! maybe the two of them have done it or something
saionji: //perk!// [saionji turns a VERY scary face on them ^_^]
girl: which couldn't be true at all! no-way!! //swat!!// [girl hits girl2]
girl2: ouuuch! you were the one who said it!
girl: shut up! just because you're better off than i am!
[while this is going on, the guy with spiky hair and earrings is at his desk typing on a laptop computer]
spike-boy: //type, type, type//
words on computer screen: "saionji tsukiko".......hideous personallity"

//page 11//

//ding-dong, ding-dong//
tanpopo: huh? did tsuki-chan already leave? kugyou-kun became a gardener with me adn no one teases me anymore, but...kugyou-kun said that....why so suddenly...maybe...

//page 12//

tanpopo: ...he...HEY!?
//stomp stomp stomp stomp!// [saionji is busilly destroying the garden]
saionji: don't fuck with me!! please!! [this line was soooo hillarious. saionji usually uses "keigo" (pollite-form) in which the word "desu" appears at the end of her sentences. when she said "don't fuck with me!!" she added "desu!!" at the end ^_^]you! being so close! to kugyou-san! like that!...hmph, i guess i'll just blame the damage on the girls in the class...

//page 13//

tanpopo: what a shock.
saionji: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! [notices tanpopo was watching ^_^] ma-ma-mazaki-sa! were you here all along?!
tanpopo: yeah.
saionji: ....well, you foudn me out, so i guess i have no choice. i am...
tanpopo: //squeeze!// [tanpopo grabs saionji's hand] i understand!! let me help you, tsuki-chan!!
saionji: beg pardon...

//page 14//

tanpopo: you're in love with kugyou-kun, aren't you!!
saionji: ...!!
tanpopo: i thought so...sorry for not noticing sooner. this really surprised me...i'm so stupid!! i was so busy thinking only about myself.
saionji: uh, before that, there must have been something else that shocked you...
tanpopo: to make up for that, i'll give you a chance to be alone wiht kugyou-kun!! tell him how you feel in your own words, okay!!
saionji: .....

//page 15//

kouki: you have something to give me?
tanpopo: nyo! you know that big observatory, right? me there today at 5:30!
kouki: ...can't you just give it to me here?
tanpopo: huh?! not in front of people!!
kouki: what the hell okay, whatever. 5:30, right?
[kouki walks away, and tanpopo gives a little piece symbol to saionji, hiding behind a wall. saionji glares in doubt...]

//page 16//

[back in tanpopo's appartment]
poplar: kon, kon!
tanpopo: okay, okay, wait a sec! tsuki-chan must be telling kugyou-kun how she feels now! [tanpopo gives poplar his/her food]

//page 17//

tanpopo: [folding her laundary] it'd be nice if this would work out and everyone would be friends...
poplar: //munch, munch//
tanpopo: i wonder what kugyou-kun thinks of tsuki-chan... //fold, fold//[she pulls out a handkerchief and stares at it strangely] kugyou-kun's handkerchief

//page 18//

[tanpopo has flashbacks of when she first met kouki]
tanpopo: ...i they're doing... [the clock reads 5:35] //tick, tickk//

//page 19//

[tanpopo is on her bike]]

tanpopo: ....anyway, i gave them a setting. it'll be okay if i just watch them from the shaddows.

//page 20//

[tanpopo comes straight to kouki leaning against a pole in the sunset, looknig very beautiful *_*]

//page 21//

kouki:'re late!
tanpopo: huh? are...are you alone?! no way! where's tsuki-chan???
kouki: of course i am. what's the thing you wanted to give me?
tanpopo: why didn't she come?! [tanpopo reaches in her pocket]!

//page 22//

tanpopo: the handkerchief i borrowed!! thank god i brought it with me! at first i thought i should just buy you a new one like it, but this is silk and a high brand, and it looked really expensive, like i couldn't afford it, i washed it reallllly well, you can kinda still see a little blood left, but it's reallly clean...
kouki: ....what the...that's okay.

//page 23//

[kouki smiles at her really sweetly]
kouki: i'll let you keep it.

//page 24//

[saionji appears behind tanpopo all dark and scary ^_^]
saionji two sure look friendly...!!
tanpopo: tsuki-chan!!
saionji: since i was late in a traffic jam, THIS is what happens?!
kouki: saionji? why are you...
tanpopo: tsuki-chan! you don't get it, this is not-
saionji: //smack!// [saionji whacks tanpopo's face with her handbag] damn, i'm pissed!!

//page 25//

saionji: kugyou-san. i'll say this clearly. ever since a long time ago, i have been...after your fortune.
tanpopo: what?!

//page 26//

saionji: in this day and age, teh world is ruled by wealth and power!! you know what? my dream has always been to marry a kugyou boy and live a plentiful life!! [images of dollar bills are flying around in the background as saionji talks on in a cool pose with kouki and tanpopo with blank, sd-ed expressions ^_^] just when i thought i could pull you to me by playing a gentle woman, this stupid girl stands in my way!! [points accusingly at tanpopo] but i'm still okay?! i haven't lost yet!! the one who will become kugyou kouki's wife is M-E!!
kouki: The saionji women are exactly as i heard...
arrow: is what he's thinking.

//page 27//

saionji: so there...!! well, yamazaki-san?! we are not "friends", but "rivals"!!
tanpopo:'re so rad when you're straight-forward like that!! (happilly)
saoinji: //what?!//
tanpopo: i like you better this way! you're so cool*heart*
saionji: hey! wait! i went so far as to act in order to tease y...
kouki: //pf!//

//page 28//

[kouki is cracking up in the background]
kouk: k-k-k....i've seen countless people kiss ass before, but telling her she's all "straight-forward" is hella funny!
tanpopo: wha...
saionji: what are you two doing! making me look stupid!!
tanpopo: no we're noooot! we're all "friends"!

//page 29//

spike-boy: //type, type, type, //..."kugyou kouki"-->impertinant. "yamazaki tanpopo"-->stupid woman. "meiou academy" -->boring. //type// "delete"!

//end of part 6//

*parts 1 through 6 will probably make up "volume 1" when it's released ^_^

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