(part 3)

translated by: tetris no miko

//page 2//

[in the classroom]
boy: well, next i'd like to pick the jobs for the class.
girl: those who want to volunteer, please raise your hands. you can nomminate someone, too.

//page 3//

girl: any volunteers? helloooo?
//stomp, stomp, stomp!// tanpopo: excuuuuse me! yamazaki tanpopo, coming in laaaate! you still haven't decided on the jobs for the students yet, have you!
boy: damn, she came...
tanpopo: i was late because i was looking for something to give to kugyou-kun.

//page 4//

[tanpopo gives kouki a bouquet of flowers]
tanpopo: ....which means that kugyou-kun and i will become the class gardeners!!
class: HUH? //swat!// boy: you think you can walz in here late and say something like that, weed?!
tanpopo: i was kinda happy to find a flower shop, that's all. it took foreeever
boy: but more importantly, what do you mean by that class gardeners crap?!

//page 5//

tanpopo: don't you know? a class gardener is a kind person who looks after the plants at the school and...
boy: that's not what i mean!!
[kouki shoves the bouquet back at tanpopo and it slides down her face]
kouki: don't bring real plants here. throw it away!
boy: that's right, idiot! what's with that "kind person" crap!!
student: all the plants at this school are fake so there's no need for a gardener!
tanpopo: all of them?!
//swat// [a boy takes the bouquet away from tanpopo]
boy: that's right. if you don't know, then you shouldn't be here. dork!
//crunch// [he throws the flowers in the trash.]
tanpopo: aaaaaahhh!!

//page 6//

//bang!// [kouki slams his hand on his desk.]
kouki: everyone, settle down and pick the jobs. it shoudln't matter if anyone wants to be a gardener or whatever!!
tanpopo: see! kugyou-kun says he wants to be a gardener!!
boy/girl: don't jump to conclusions!!
saionji: ...does it have to be a boy?

//page 7//

saionji: saionji tsukiko. i will become the "class gardener".
class: eh?!
[outsite at school]
tanpopo: ...why did you volunteer? shourinji-san [i don't know what this means, but the kanji are "little, forest, and temple".]
saionji: that's saionji!....wouldn't you feel lonely doing it by yourself?
tanpopo:...yeah, i guess so...

//page 8//

students: //whisper, whisper// why did saionji-san do that?
students: //whisper, whisper// she's incredibly wealthy, isn't she?...so why's she pairing up with the weed?!
tanpopo: [pointing to the whispering students in the frame above her ^_^] don't you mind being teased along with me?
saionji: no...
tanpopo: but i can't believe these are all fake...
saionji: it's school rules to have no real plants...
tanpopo: nyo...
kugyou-kun likes flowers...i thought we could plant them together and at the same time, become friends...
[little cute sd-pic of tanpopo and kouki holding hands over a flower, smiling with "friend" written over them ^_^]

//page 9//

tanpopo: he told me to leave him alone...but i'm running out of ideas...
saionji: watch out!
//smash!// [tanpopo has just collided with kouki]

//page 10//

tanpopo: //pat, pat// thansk for coming to appologize!! don't worry, i'm not mad at you!
saionji: yamazaki-san! yamazaki-san! he looks mad to me...
kouki: //gogogogogogo// [sound effects for burning] ....are you making fun of me?!!
tanpopo: nyo?
kouki: don't force me to become friends with you!! i helped you out earlier because the other students were annoying me, but all the plants and students here are all fake, so just stop it!
tanpopo: //mu// [kinda a sound effect for being pissed/angry/offended]

//page 11// saionji: //bow...// kouki: saionji...! you, too... //slip// [he starts to walk away]
tanpopo: ...i'm not fake!! hey, if you give me a chance, we can be gardeners together!?

//page 12//

kouki: //whisper//...yeah. "omae ga 'honmono' nara na..." ["if you really are "real"...]
tanpopo: ..."omae ga homo nara na"? ["if you really are a homo" ^_^]well, i'm not too sure about that...
kouki: "honmono"!! ["real"] clean out your ears for christ's sake! [walks off]
tanpopo: but you whispered it so it was hard to hear...
saionji: ...you sure get along well with kugyou-san, don't you.
tanpopo: [cleaning out her ears] like how?
saionji: you don't have to clean your ears this instant... well,

//page 13//

saionji: everyone else calls you "weed", but only kugyou-san calls you correctly by "yamazaki".
tanpopo: ah... you're right, Bridge-san!!
saionji: saionji!!
tanpopo: looks like i still have some hope left!! ooookay! let's be good gardeners!!
saionji: ....be good, you say...but how?

//page 14//

tanpopo: not telling! i don't want to get you into trouble, carlidge-san!
saionji: "saionji"!! now you're doing it on purpose, aren't you.
tanpopo: okay, i'll call you "tsuki-chan" then! thanks for being a gardener with me! let's work hard together!
saionji: ...my pleasure...

//page 15//

[the next day, kouki is being driven to school]
driver: ...you're earlier than usual today, mr. kouki.
kouki: ...if i don't get here early enough, then i'm surrounded by freaks kissing up to me!....even i am just a normal student.
//silence// [kouki walks through the school]
kouki: ...i guess i was a little too early...

//page 16//

//stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp// [kouki sees tanpopo running with some flowers]
kouki: yamazaki...?!
//swish! swish!// [tanpopo replaces the fake flowers with real flowers]
/pat, pat//
tanpopo: nyooooo, it's raining?! it was clear just a minute ago! i've gotta hurry up!

//page 17//

//wilt// [a flower tanpopo just transplanted wilts a bit]
kouki: ...she couldn't!!
saionji: YAMAZAKI-SAN!? what are you doing...?!

//page 18//

saionji: THIS IS-... //clamp!// [tanpopo puts her hand over saionji's mouth]
tanpopo:...yup!! we're gonna change all these fake flowers into REAL ones!
tanpopo: yep, yep, it's violating school rules! i found out i could be suspended for this! but kugyou-kun said that "flowers are friends who will tell you anything."

//page 19//

saionji: huh?!
tanpopo: but he said he didn't need human friends. that sounds pretty lonely to me...
saionji: kugyou-san said that?! he coulnd't have...?! [saionji sees a picutre of a very serious-looking sd-ed kouki in her head.]
[the real kouki looks on]
tanpopo: but i want to be nice to him. and if that's going to happen, i'll need help from my "friends"! [she means the flowers]

//page 20//

tanpopo: i want him to laugh with me!! i mean, he always looks so serious!
[kouki looks taken aback.]

//page 21//

saionji:...if you're caught, you'll be suspended.
tanpopo: yeah, so i'd better hurry! i changed some flowers from the park that look exactly alike!
saionji: "park" ...i'll help, too....but only carrying the flowers! i don't want to get in trouble.
tanpopo: nyo
saionji: AHHHH!!! BUGS!!!!
tanpopo: SHHHH!!!! SHHHHH!!! [kouki walks into the classroom and sees tanpopo's desk.]
tanpopo's desk: "fuck off!" "jackass-yamazaki!!" "quit school!" "you really make me sick!" "weed!"

//page 22//

kouki: [almost sadly]...that girl...
[at tanpopo's appartment that night]
//zaaaaaa// [the rain is pouring very hard]
tanpopo: AAAAACHOOOOO!!!

//page 23//

tanpopo: did i catch a cooolldd??
poplar: kon
tanpopo: nnnngh, i'm tired now, so i'll get you your dinner...later.
poplar: kon! kon! [patting tanpopo sweetly] grr! [suddenly looks all evil] //swat!!!// [swats tanpopo with tail ^_^]
tanpopo: OWWW!
poplar: //chomp, chomp, chomp// [eating dinner]
tanpopo: poplar! you look too much like kugyou-kun with that face!!

/page 24//

tanpopo: hm? NYYOOOOOOO?! where did all this rain come from?!
//splash, splash, splash//
tanpopo: huh?....my garden!! poplar, thanks for waking me up!!

//apge 25//

[tanpopo runs out to the school iwth an unbrella]
[the flowers are dying]
tanpopo: i thougth so...!! the rain tore up the dirt...!! what should i do? they'll all die...!!

//page 26//

tanpopo: what should i do? if these flowers die...then my chance will, too...[gets an image of kouki] maybe i can't do anything to help them. i don't know if i understand kugyou-kun or not, but i thought i could at least get closer to him...

//page 27//

tanpopo: [covers teh flowers with her jacket to shelter them] sorry for pulling you guys out like that. i'll take care of you, okay! hang in there!!
//splash...// [tanpopo turns around and sees a sillhouette of a person behind her.]

//page 28//

tanpopo: ...oh, were you worried about the garden, too?! but it's all okay......huh? //flutt....er...// [tanpopo faints]

//page 29//

[the umbrella-person turned out to be kouki. he rushes up to tanpopo and holds her up]
kouki: ...yamazaki?!

//end of part 3//

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