(from Shocomi, issue #8)

//page 1//

[A cute guy is working in the dirt with a trowl when he notices something flying over him...]

//page 2 + 3//

[Imadoki title page with Tanpopo flying on her bike with her pet-fox ^_^ ]

//page 4//

[the thing flying over the cute guy turns out to be a girl flying over the fence on her bike.]

Tanpopo: Nyo [*she says this A LOT. it doesn't mean anything. kinda like "huh?" it's cute, so i'll keep it as "nyo" ^_^ ]

//page 5+6//



Tanpopo: ungh...

[Tanpopo has landed on top of the cute guy, and her pet fox is on his head.]

Tanpopo's fox: Kon! (no meaning...a fox-noise? do foxes even MAKE noises??)

Tanpopo: Nyo

Tanpopo: All right! Arrival successfully accomplished!!

Kugyou (the cute guy): WHAT THE HELL ABOUT IT IS SUCCESSFUL?!!

Kugyou: (holding his trowl threateningly at Tanpopo) get offa me!! Who the hell are you?!! And close your legs!

Tanpopo: A trowl...And Kansai-ben!

//page 7//

Tanpopo: ah, sorry. I didn't think there'd be people here. I wanted to come in by the front gate, but it was closed! And since this fence has a slope to it, i just racked up all my courage and jumped!


Tanpopo: But i did it!...and i did it because i really wanted to see this place.

//page 8//

Tanpopo: The High school where i'm going to transfer into!!


Kugyou:...so you're a new student?...

Tanpopo: yu---p! Tomorrow's the first day!!

Kugyou: then why didn't you just wait until tomorrow?

Tanpopo: Do you go to this school, too? What are you doing with a trowl....ooooh, i know, you were burrying a dead body!

Kugyou: Yeah, that's right. i was burrying it deep so no one would...OF COURSE NOT!!

//wilt...// [a dandilion wilts on the ground]

Kugyou: Ah! TANPOPO! [*"tanpopo" is japanese for "dandilion" ^_^]

Tanpopo: Yes?

//page 10//

Kugyou: Just when my Tanpopo was living so well!!

Tanpopo: Yes!

Kugyou: ....why're you answering me?

Tanpopo: Actually, i'm Tanpopo!!

Kugyou: [painfully holding his head] Oh damn...the flowers are talking to me...

Tanpopo: that's not what i meant It's my NAME!! "Yamazaki Tanpopo"!! Let me help you fix the flower!

Kugyou: Ah!! Hey!! Be more gentle!!

Tanpopo: Nyo?

Kugyou: You've gotta be careful of the roots!!

Tanpopo: Nyo.

//page 11//

Kugyou: It's because plants...it's because flowers are doing their best to stay alive, too. You can't just plant them and leave them...until your various flowers bloom, you've gotta keep trying...They silently teach a lot of things...they're "friends".

Tanpopo: ...Where i used to live in Inaka, there were fields of flowers all around! they were so pretty! But i wanted to come to school in Tokyo. Of course, i met with a lot of obsticles, but I passed them all! one of them was...

//page 12//

Tanpopo:...that i was accepted into Meiou Academy as a substitute! isn't that cool!

Kugyou: //pita// [*the sound effect of perking up/noticing something]

Tanpopo: After school starts, i'm gonna make tons of "friends"!!

Kugyou: //whisper// That won't happen.

//page 13//

Tanpopo: Nyo?

Kugyou: ...it's gettign late. you should go home.

Tanpopo: but i still haven't gone explor...


Tanpopo: oh yeah... Okay...OW!...huh? [there's a gash on Tanpopo's thigh] Huhhhh?

//page 14//

Tanpopo: I wonder if i hurt it when i fell earlier?

Kugyou: You're pretty weird. Lemme see... [Kugyou wraps a piece of cloth around Tanpopo's leg]

Tanpopo: //SMILE//

//page 15//

Tanpopo: Thanks...You're sure a nice guy!

Kugyou: [kind of sadly] It was nothing...

Tanpopo: Ya!! [she throws her bike over the fence] //crash!//

Kugyou: You're throwing your bike?!

Tanpopo: Bye-bye! see ya tomorrow! //umph, umph, umph// [Tanpopo climbs the fence with difficulty.]

//page 16//

Tanpopo: Friend number 1!! I didn't catch his name, but i'll just call him Trowl-kun! Okay, Poplar! [Poplar is the name of her fox ]

Poplar: Kon!

Tanpopo: i think i'll like this new life...

//page 17+18//

[an overview of Tokyo]

Tanpopo: I'm especially looking forward to the opening ceremony!! [*schools in japan have opening and closing ceremonies for parts of the school year. i have my closing ceremony tomorrow ^_^ ]

[an overview of Meiou Academy]

//Zawa zawa// [noises of people talking/moving/being/etc]

//page 19//

[inside meiou academy. it is a VERY high-tech school]

Tanpopo: Wow! they have all the latest gadgets!!

Sign: Congratualations to all entering students to Meiou Academy.

Tanpopo: I didn't get a good picture of it at the entrance exams, but...it sure is great!!...i wonder if i'll see Trowl-kun around?

Sign: Lost

Tanpopo: Hey, do you know where my class is?! //pat//

Girls: Wahh!! who're you?!

//page 20//

Girl: Do you have a class card? the ones they distributed to us?

Tanpopo: you mean this?

[Tanpopo pushes a button on her card adn it lights up with her info]

Tanpopo: Nyonyo! How coool! I'm so glad i got into this school!

Girl: Wait...you got in by a test?!

Tanpopo: Yup!

Girls: //whisper whisper// Oh noooooo.

Tanpopo: What was that all about?...Nyo! an automatic door!

//page 21//

[Tanpopo enters her classroom and looks over teh students. one is a boy with a spike hair cut, and antoher is a "gal" *"Gal" is a popular (?) look in tokyo for high school girls. they wear dark makeup on their skin, dye their hair blonde, brown or grey, and wear light lipstick and eyemakeup ^_^]

Tanpopo: This is my new class! These are my new friends!! Hm?

//page 22//

[Tanpopo sees Kugyou in her class]

Tanpopo: Trowl-kun!!

//page 23//

Tanpopo: so you're a new student ehre, too! and we're in the same class! hi!

//whoosh...// [Kugyou turns his head away from her.]

Tanpopo: Nyo? He is...the same person, right?ummm, it's me! Yamazaki Tanpopo! We met yesterday...

Girl: Hey!

//page 24//

Girl: You seem pretty close to Kugyou-san, huh.

Girl2: Whose daughter are you? What's your father's company? If you consider yourself an equal to the Onzoushi [*means "heir"] to the Kugyou family, then are you two related to the same royalty?

Tanpopo: "Onzoushi"...you mean that special pulp that makes that quality paper, right...!

Girl2: That's "Mozoushi"!! [*imitation paper]

Tannin [*the head teacher of a class]: Kugyou!! better hurry along to the auditorium...everyone else, the opening ceremony will begin soon!

Tanpopo: Nyo?! Is that a Racoon? [the Tannin looks like a racoon ^_^]

Girl: He's our Tannin.

//clunk// [Kugyou stands up.]

//page 25//

Tanpopo: Hey! Wait, uh, Kugyou-kun? It's me! heyyyy...

Kugyou: (darkly) i don't know you...who are you?

Tanpopo: //squeeze//

//page 26//

//whoosh!// [Tanpopo lifts her skirt up]

Guys: Uh!

Tanpopo: See, look! You remember now? [pointing to the bandage around her leg]

Kugyou: I can see your underwear.

//Bap!// [Tanpopo slaps her skirt back down.]

Kugyou: I don't know a vulgar woman like you.

Tanpopo: Nyo...

Tannin: Hey, you! I thought you were pretty ill-bread. you're the student who got in by the test, right!! and you're also teh one who filled the vacancy...

//page 27//


[everyone perks up]

student: ...Test?! Don't you get in here by a recomendation by the emperor?!

student: //whisper whisper// Those who enter by a test are hella ORDINARY, right?

student: ...Did you hear that? she's filling someone's vacancy! //giggle giggle//

student: What a mess up!

student: I guess they're out there; common folk who get in here by a test...

student: And she thinks she's soooo cooool, talking to Kugyou-san and all...

student: forget about her; let's go!

//page 28//

Tannin: Kayamain-kun. i saw the speech your father made at the international conference. and Saionji-san, thank you for the large donation.

Saionji: No problem. when you compare it to Kugyou Finances, it's nothing. He's the one responsible for putting this academy's Wanganto-city Organization at teh top!

Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun!! Hey! What's the matter! Why're you completely differnt from yesterday?!

//page 29//

//Boom!// [a boy blocks her off from Kugyou]

boy: how rude, you SUBSTITUTE!!

[Tanpopo suddenly notices where tehy are now]


Kugyou: //pita//

students: ...she's right. why's there a dandelion there? All the plants at this school are REAL plants, right?

Tanpopo: No! Yesterday, Kugyou took care of it!

//page 30//

students: No waaaaay. Kugyou-san?? //zawazawa// to think that the son of that breeding would care for something so insignificant.... aren't there rules at this school not to have botany due to his alergy to pollen?

Tanpopo: What's the problem? The flowers are doing their best to live!! They're Kugyou's "friends"!

Kugyou: //shhh...// [Kugyou's hair whisps in teh wind as he walks over to teh dandilion.]

//page 31//

//CRUNCH!!// [Kugyou rips the flower out of the soil and crunches it in his hand.]

//page 32//

Kugyou: if you find any others, pull them out. We don't need "weeds" at this school.

student: That's more like our "Iron-faced" Kugyou Kouki!

Student: Yamazaki Tanpopo!....We're gonna pull you up, too!

//ding-dong, ding-dong// [the school bell]

student: Stay away from Kugyou-san...you weed!

//page 33//

//ding-dong, ding-dong//

speaker: ...We will now begin the third opening ceremony of Meiou Academy.

[Tanpopo picks up the dandelion]

speaker:...And now, some words from a representative of teh student body...

//page 34//

speaker: Kugyou Kouki!

student:...that "substitute" isn't here.

Student: Who cares about that! look! it's Kugyou-san!

[Kugyou stands before the students about to give a speech]


//page 35//


Tanpopo: [standing in the aisle] YOU'RE TERRIBLE!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO A FRIEND?!

//page 36//

Tanpopo: You said it was precious...that it teeches many things!! Do you do this to your human-friends, too?!

student: What the hell's she doing? //giggle giggle//

Tannin: S, sorry! She's the student who tested into my class!

teacher: anyway, stop her!

Tanpopo: i'm disappointed in you. i thought you were a nice person!!

//page 37//

Kugyou: You're naiive. "friends" are nothign more than a fantasy. What does friendship accomplish? What is important is only giving yourself a profitable future.

//page 38//

Kugyou: that's what we have school for. especially this school. if you understand me, then quietly take a seat! Yamazaki Tanpopo!

//page 39//

Tannin: come here!

teacher: my goodness...disrupting our ceremony!!

Kugyou: ...That is all.

Tanpopo: Oh...so that's what you meant when you said "that won't happen" yesterday... hmmm, i see!....i've decided...now i've decided!!

//page 40//

Tanpopo: ...I WILL NOT GIVE UP...


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