(part 4)

translated by: tetris no miko

//page 1//

rain: //zaaaaaa...//
kouki: ....yamazaki!? hey...what happened...! [he said this in kansai-ben.]

//pages 2 and 3// [picture]

//page 4//

kouki: ...her face is red...she's got a really high fever!! why did she...! [he notices the flowers under the jacket]

//page 5//

[flashback of tanpopo]
tanpopo: "i'm gonna change all these flowers into real ones!" "i want to be nice to kugyou-kun!"
driver: kouki bo-cchan! ["bo-cchan" is sort of a term for a young master of sorts.] what seems to be the mater?!
arrow: the driver
kouki: sakada-san! thank god you're here, give me a hand!
tanpopo: //blink...// ...nyo...nyo? kugyou-kun...?
kouki: whaddaya mean "nyo, nyo"!? i'm gonna take you to the hospital.
tanpopo: HOSPITAL?!!
kouki: hm?

//page 6//

tanpopo: i'm fine! i don't like hospitals! i also...don't have enough money! i hate the atmosphere and the smell!!
kouki: what are you, a kid?
tanpopo: at home...i have a natural herb...that will cure...at home...//scccrrraaappe// [tanpopo slides down again.]

//page 7//

kouki: oh well, sakada-san, get her address and take her there right away!
driver: uh....is that okay?
kouki: she says she hates hospitals. so whatever happens, don't worry, i'll take responsibillity. let's go!
person: //squish//

//page 8//

[the person walks up to the garden, kicks the jacket off, and stomps on the flowers.]
//smash! squish, squish...//

//page 9//

[the person turned out to be saionji.
saionji: ...hmph! //splash, splash, splash...//
[at the front door of tanpopo's appartment]
driver: ....excuse meee!


//ding-dong. ding-dong...//
driver: ...is anyone home? //click//
kouki: it's open...? [a beast lunges at kouki] ah!!!
poplar: kon! kon!
driver: bo-cchan!! it's a fox!! a fox!
kouki: i, i, i, is that so! a fox, huh!!

//page 11//

driver: you settle things at this appartment. i'll be waiting in the car...//doki doki// [he's scared of poplar ^_^]
//slam...// [kouki carries tanpopo into the appartment.]
kouki: excuse me...
kouki: //gulp//...does she live alone...?!

//p;age 12//

kouki: ....damn...! well, i'll lay her down softly...
tanpopo: ungh..[tanpopo is dripping wiht sweat]
rain: //zaaaaa//
kouki: ...shiiiiittttt....why do i have to do this... [he lays tanpopo down nervously]

//page 13//

kouki: ...i....i can't leave her wet like this...[all covered in sweatdrops ^_^ followed by an extremely hillarious sequence of worried expressions before he starts to take tanpopo's clothes off ^_^] ARRRRHHH! there's nothing else i can do!! i'll take her clothes off!! [he takes off her shirt and pants...hehehe >: )= you knew it had to be in a watase yuu creation] why do i have to do something dirty like this!! [said while looking away ^_^]

//page 14//

poplar: //starrrrrrre// [dissapprovingly ^_^]
kouki: don't look at me like that!! don't you care if the main character dies?! [he wipes tanpopo down with a towel] better wake up...
[tanpopo opens her eyes]

//page 15//

kouki: ah!
tanpopo: nyo...?
kouki: damn...
tanpopo: ...? where am...? huh? NYOOOOOOOOO!!!
driver: [sitting happilly in the car listening to music] did you just hear something? of course i did! enka sure is great!! [enka is older japanese music. i hate it ^_^]

//page 16//

tanpopo: //dokidokidoki// [holding a towel protectively to herself] why is kugyou-kun here?...
kouki: //dokidokidoki// it's your fault!....because you refused to go toa hospital...you sure are a handfull...it's your own fault for going out in the rain like that!
tanpopo: huh! that's right, my garden...

//page 17//

tanpopo: is my garden...all right?
kouki: //whirl// what?! [poplar covers kouki's eyes]
poplar: don't look.
kouki: ...hey...
tanpopo: [buttoning her shirt]...it's still...raining pretty hard out there...i'm gonna...put some...vinal over it...//shuffle, shuffle//
kouki: h...hey!!
tanpopo: //slide...// [tanpopo clutches a wall for support]
kouki: hey, wake up! just shut up and sleep...

//page 18//

tanpopo: no...!! those flowers are real! they're flowers i transplanted from the park! if i...raised them...then i thought maybe i could understand...what you meant when you said that plants were friends
kouki:...but...the flowers at school are all fake...so you went out of your way to...

//page 19//

tanpopo: huh? you know? wh...why?...
//grab!// [kugyou stpos her from walking]
tanpopo: nyo?! ku, kugyou...[kouki slams tanpopo into her bed.]

//page 20//

kouki: where're those herbs you said would cure you!!
tanpopo: nyo? in...in that box...
kouki: ...if you don't get some rest, i'll rally get mad at you! if you are willing to die for flowers, there's something wrong with you! flowers are...plants are not that weak! ...humans are more.....i don't get you.....why...would you go that far...

//page 21//

kouki: wanting to be my friend, or be a gardener with me, or wanting to laugh with me...why don't you just leave me alone...! why.....you make me look like I'M the idiot...

//page 22//

kouki: ....anyway, sorry to enter your appartment like that...do you live alone?
tanpopo:....hehe, well, poplar's here.
poplar: kon!
tanpopo: and also //flicker// [she looks at a wall with a lot of pictures on it]

//page 23//

tanpopo: those are my friends in hokkaido. it was a hic-town...so my school was small, but....everyone was so nice.

//page 24//

tanpopo:...so...i don't mind being alone like this. even though i'm away from them, i can still feel them with me.
friends: "have fun in tokyo!" "write us, okay!"
tanpopo: they're all...very important to me.

//page 25//

kouki: ...i can't be like that. i can't smile from the bottom of my heart like that...
tanpopo: that's not true! don't you know? the character for "person" is related to filling your responsibillity...
kouki: that phrase is "supporting each other"!! i'm leaving.
tanpopo:....wait! ...you came because...you were worried about the garden, right? but you ended up taking care of me instead...sorry.

//page 26//

tanpopo: but i'm glad. thanks!!
[kouki leaves]

//page 27//

[kouki notices the dandelion in the pot in the room. it's doing better.]

kouki: ...the dandilion...!
flashback tanpopo: "how could you do such a thing to a friend!!"

//page 28//

tanpopo: //zzzzzz//
flashback tanpopo; "i want to be kugyou-kun&s friend." "because the flowers are his precious friends".
kouki: ....yamazaki...
[back outside, kouki's driver is singing in the car]
driver: A seaaaaaa of mennnnnn
kouki: //knock, knock//SAKATAAAA
driver: Ah! Kouki-bo'tchan!! sorry. i just got a little carried away!!
kouki: don't sing enka in the benz! //slam//

//page 29//

driver: is that girl okay?!
kouki: ...s day and age...
driver: huh?
kouki: ...so there are still people like her this day and age... [kouki used "imadoki" in this expressoin, so i think this is kinda what the title "imadoki" [this day and age] is reffering to]
[the next morning]
sun: //shine!//
tanpopo: nnnnnnn!

//page 30//

tanpopo: I'm reviiiiived!
arrow: tough
tanpopo: and i owe it all to kugyou-kun! he surprised me, but...i knew he was really a nice guy! he even considered me more important than the flowers...huh!THE GARDEN!!

//page 31 and 32//

tanpopo: [running through the campus] i wonder if the flowers are okay? if someone finds them and notices they're not real...and anyway, they couldn't've lasted in last night's rain...nyo?
//BOOM!// [all the flowers are fine ^_^]
tanpopo; EEEEEEHHHH??? Nyonyooooo! where did this perfection come from?! i couldn't've done this well...

//page 33//

[kouki is standing next to her holding a trowel]
tanpopo: Ku...Ah

//page 34//

[he walks past her, ignoring her]
tanpopo: Kugyou-kun...th...thanks!!
//smash!// [saionji watches angrilly from a window with a VERY scary/insane expression on her face ^_^]

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