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The story started out with Tanpopo visiting the new school she's going to transfer to a day before she started. The school was closed on that day, and Tanpopo could not go in by the front gate, therefore she snicked into the school in a really wacko way and crash landed on a really cute boy.

This boy was planting flowers in the school ground, and he told her that flowers silently teach a lot of things and that they are friends. Before Tanpopo takes off again after her first wacko school visit, she noticed a gash on her thigh. The boy examines her wound and wraps a piece of handkerchief around Tanpopo's leg!
Well, Tanpopo made her first friend before she started school, although she didn't even manage to ask for his name; she was hopeful to make tons more. However, it didn't turn out as she expected. Everyone in the school seems to be from wealthy and high ranked families. Whoever got into the school via an entrance exam (such as Tanpopo) are considered a commoner and are looked down at. This made it difficult for her to even talk to anyone, not to mention making friends!
The students with the highest status is a boy called Kugyou Kouki in her class, who happens to be the cute boy she met just the day before! However, Kouki claims that he has never met Tanpopo before, and he hates flowers! Tanpopo believes that Kouki is the same nice boy she met, and she's determined to be friends with Kouki. However, she didn't realize there are many obsticles awaits her.






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