Imadoki, Part 11

Original Story by: Watase Yuu
English translation by: Tetris no Miko
Images scanned and modified by Yuffie Aogiri

//page 2//

Erika: Kouki-san!
Kouki: She’s Yanahara Erika; my fiancé.
//end flashback//
Kouki:….Zaki. Yamazaki!
Tanpopo: //gasp!//

//page 3// Kouki: …Are you planning on staying in that position until night time?
school bell: //bong, bong!//
Tanpopo: Nyo?!….Did class end or something?!
Kouki: Don’t tell me you’re sleeping with your eyes open ….that’s kinda hard to do, ya know…

Kouki: It’s getting hotter, so we’d better take extra good care of the garden. Especially the Scaviosas on the western-side…
Tanpopo: His fiancé and she’s living with him…I guess even now that pretty girl is waiting for him at home…
Kouki: So

//page 4//

Kouki: I TOLD you not to sleep with your eyes open! Listen to what I’m saying!
Tanpopo: Nyo!
Aoi: [comes up behind Tanpopo and knocks on her head] //knock, knock// Kuuuugyooooooo-kun!! When are you gonna let me be a class gardener, too?
Kouki: …Didn’t I tell you wait until we got permission from the student council!
Aoi: Huuuh?? Hurry upppp *heart*
Kouki: I thought I told you they might not let you in, for Christ’s sake!
Tanpopo: [sighs] …How weird. I’m sighing all the time…
Saionji: //whisper!// could this possibly be "pain from being turned down"?

//page 5//

//rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle//

[Tanpopo and Saionji are in the garden]
Saionji: …It sure appears that way, Yamazaki-san!
Tanpopo: Turned down…? What? Are you saying you were turned down by someone, Tsuki-chan?!
Saionji: Oh my yesss! My original plan was to use money and power to overthrow Yanahara Erika and…. //gasp!// I mean, NO, I’m not talking about me!!

//page 6//

Tanpopo: You mean me?…Aw come on, Tsuki-chan! I don’t have a crush on him or anything; I was just surprised, that’s all!
Saionji: Stop saying such nonsense! Think it over one more time!
Tanpopo: Well, Kugyou-kun is my "friend"…
Ogata: Can I have a word with you, Yamazaki?
Saionji: //perk!//

//page 7//

Saionji: Why, that’s Ogata-san, the student body president! Oh damn, why’d he have to come in at a time like this…
Ogata: Well, it’s about you wanting to let another member in the garden committee, and I’m’ sorry, but we can’t allow it!
Ogata: Well, there still aren’t that many people yet, and the other student council members wouldn’t like it…
Tanpopo: Those people who held a grudge against Kugyou-kun…! Isn’t that unfair?!

//page 8//

Ogata: Well, I’m sorry but we can’t…
Tanpopo: It’s a lot of trouble for Kugyou-kun, you know!! You know about his older brother, don’t you! Even though Kugyou-kun’s still only a freshman in high school, he has to handle lots of adult things with his family!!
[Kouki is watching, surprised, near by]
Tanpopo: I was the one who started the garden committee in the first place, so can’t you…
Ogata: You’re sure cute!

//page 9//

Tanpopo: HUH?
Ogata: Okay, okay, so let’s make a deal! I’m kinda having some troubles now of my own….this hella annoying chick has been bugging me lately…if you do something about her, I’ll let you have your "Garden Commit…TEE"!!
[Ogata is hit in the head with a trowel ^_^]
Kouki: Huh? Now that’s weird; my trowel flew on its own!
Ogata: Yeah right!!
Tanpopo: President…your face looked really weird just now…

//page 10//

Tanpopo: Are you serious?
[Kouki and Ogata stop fighting and look at Tanpopo in shock]
Tanpopo: If I can convince that girl to leave you alone, then you’ll give me permission to have a "Garden Committee"?!
Ogata: Well, if it’s not too much trouble, that is. You can go on a date with me as another option!
Kouki: Yamazaki! Don’t make a deal with him! I’ll find some way to…
Tanpopo: Okay, it’s a deal! I mean, it pisses me off! Everyone being mean to Kugyou-kun like that!
Saionji: ….Well, who’s that girl…?

//page 11//

[we see a shot of a short skirt]
[we see a shot of a severely made-up eye with white eye-shadow]
Tanpopo/Kouki/Saionji: //gulp!//
[we see a full shot of a "ganguro gal". I mentioned this before, but in Tokyo, a few girls wear very dark makeup (like African-Americans) and heavily make them selves up. Sometimes they even look like raccoons b/c their make up is so heavy O_o]

//page 12//

Kouki: GANGURO?! You mean there are still those in existence?! I thought they were all extinct already…
//whisper, whisper//
Tanpopo: nyonyo… I never noticed we had one of those in our class!
//whisper, whisper//
Saionji: You could say she’s in our class, but she’s absent most of the time!
Aoi: [checking on his computer] lemme see here… //type, type// Uchimura Arisa, her father is a loan-shark! Her lineage and intelligence are average, but she got in here by money!
Tanpopo: …if you leave the "money" part out, she and I are kinda similar… //clench// alright! First off, I become friends with her!!
Kouki: ….That’s impossible! The difference between you and she is the same as between Hokkaido and Africa!

//page 13//

Tanpopo: This should be okay!!
[Tanpopo has turned into inverted colors ^_^]
Saionji/Kouki: That’s just inverting the black and white in this comic!!
Tanpopo: U’tchi Mu’tchi’-chan!! Lets---play---a game!! [*The "gals" speech pattern also tends to put a lot of pauses in their words in random places and substitutes "chan" at the end of someone’s name with "’tchi". So a name like "Tanpopo" instead of being "Tanpopo-chan" or "tan-chan" would turn into "Tanpopo’tchi" or "tan’tchi", or "popo’tchi" ^_^]
Aoi: What is she, a kindergartner?!
Arisa: Who the hell are you? aren’t you a bit black?
Tanpopo: I’m Yamazaki Tanpopo! You haven’t been coming to school lately; what’s wroooong?
Arisa: Ohhh, I was playing around with some boys…
Tanpopo: …Uh,…were you playing with the boys all the time you weren’t at school?
Arisa: That’s riiiight!

//page 14//

Arisa: With Gasushi annnnnnd Makoto annnnnnd Akihiro annnnnd, uh, What’shisnaaaaaaame!
Tanpopo: [who is still inverted ^_^] When you say "play", do you mean an amusement park? Or bowling?
Arisa: HAHAHA! What the hell’re you saying? I’m not a kid, ya know. I mean night clubs and hotels!
Tanpopo: HO…
Arisa: //glance// Whaaaat, you mean to tell me…you’re still a VIRGIN at that age? HOW DORKY!
[Tanpopo falls over…..she’s back to white ^_^]
arrow: she’s back

//page 15//

Aoi: Aw, come on, of course she’s a virgin! Right, Kugyou-ku…
[Kouki whacks Aoi with his trowel ^_^]
Tanpopo: I believe that’s the kind of thing you should do with someone you love!! [she’s back to invertedness…]
arrow: stubborn
Tanpopo: But listening to you, Uchimura-san, it sounds like anyone’s okay with you! And so…are you also causing the student body president trouble?
Arisa: //perk!// //BAM!!// [she slams her hands on the desk] …What, is Ogata-san making you do this?

//page 16//

Tanpopo: Huh? Ogata-san doesn’t really have anything to do with this…
Arisa: …Then I don’t wanna see your piggy face anymore! If I’m seen around with someone like you too much, I’ll start to look dorky, too!!
[she leaves the room]
Aoi: Even Tanpopo can’t get her to obey, huh!
Saionji: I don’t want anything to do with her!! It’s people like her who are messing up the gene pool!
[yeahhhh, go Saionji!! >: )= ]
Kouki: …so Yamazaki, what’re you gonna do about this?
Tanpopo: //grrr// Kireta-kun! [*"insane-kun"] Can you give me the data on Uchimura’s movement pattern?
Aoi: But of course! //type, type//
Kouki: …What the hell ARE you?!

//page 17//

[Tanpopo, Kouki, Aoi, and Saionji go to a nightclub]
Tanpopo: There she is! This’s the first time I’ve ever been in a place like this…

//page 18//

Tanpopo: //grumble, grumble// my goodness, what are all these children doing out this late? Don’t their parents know anything about this??
arrow: said like an old bag
Kouki: ….well, that’s the way it is. They’re so busy with their own lives they have no idea what their kids are doing. And they don’t know it, but they are also holding them prisoner…
Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun…
Saionji: AH! She’s on the move!

//page 19//

music: //BOOM, BOOM//
[Tanpopo pushes her way through the crowd]
Tanpopo: Oh no, I’ll lose her…
Kouki: Yamazaki! Wait…
//stomp//….[Tanpopo comes into an empty room]
music: //boom, boom//
Tanpopo: huh?
//chakinng!// [someone pulls a knife on Tanpopo]
person: Lookin’ for someone?

//page 20//

[Kouki walks into the room and finds it full of gang member-ish people]
Kouki: //gasp!//
Tanpopo: //pant, pant// Ku, Kugyou-kun….
Arisa: Wha, you guys again? You fuckin’ assholes!!
goon#1: "Kugyou"?
goon#2: Isn’t he the son of that rich-bastard who’s always on TV? Heyyyy, do ya have some money on you now?
Kouki: …..
Arisa: Damn, you two sure are nosy; you must HATE me, huhhhh. Why’d you go so far as to bring Kugyou-kun with you? Whadda ya want?

//page 21//

Arisa: [putting her hands on Kouki O_o] Saaaay, you probably want to suspend me or somethin’, huhhhh. I’ll just quit that fucking stupid school your old man built! Then we can do much more interesting things together…
Tanpopo: //gr!// Uchimura-san!! Why don’t you be more serious about your life!! With the way you act, you just cause trouble to poor people like Ogata-san!!
Arisa: //perk!// You mentioned Ogata-san again!! //BOOM// Damn you, little bitch!!

//page 22//

Arisa: Hey, someone be this girl’s partner!
Tanpopo: //gulp!//
Arisa: It must suck to be a virgin at that age.
[Kouki is very shocked and stuff…]
goon: Huuuhhh, can we really, Arisa?
goon#2: hehe, well I guess this will be her opening ceremony then!

//page 23//

[one of the goons grabs Tanpopo]
Tanpopo: Hey!… NO!

//page 24//

[Kouki is standing over the beaten-up goons with Tanpopo behind him, and his trowel in his raised hand ^_^;]
Kouki: ….Don’t even lay a finger on her!!
arrow pointing to his trowel: I know it’s cheesy, but he’s gotta use this!

//page 25//

Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun…
goons: Di-di-di did ya hit us with a fucking TROWEL??
goon: DAMN YOU!!
Aoi: [comes kicking the remaining goons] //SMACK!// Don’t forget I’m here, too!
Kouki: Kyougoku…

//page 26//

Aoi: If you two don’t hurry up, Arisa’ll get away!
Kouki: That’s true, but can you handle these guys on your own?
Aoi: I’ll be finnnnne //pash!// [he gets a knife out]
goons: AH!
Aoi: I haven’t gotten a chance to be insane in a while…*musical notes* //ehehehehehe//

Tanpopo/Kouki: [bowing] ….They’re all yours.
goons from off screen: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanpopo: [running with Kouki] Ku, Kugyou-kun?! did you hear that scream?
Kouki: [full of sweatdrops] Just pretend you didn’t hear it!
[Tanpopo notices that Kouki is holding her hand as they run]

//page 27//

Kouki: …Are you okay?
Tanpopo: //dokun dokun dokun// Yeah…Just got a little beaten up
[they make it to a park or something]
Tanpopo: We’re not….friends….

//page 28//

Tanpopo: [staring duhfully at Kouki] We’re not just "friends". He’s more special than that to me… //dokun dokun dokun dokun// I finally understand now…I love Kugyou-kun!

//page 29//

[Tanpopo stops walking and looks down]
Kouki: …..Yamazaki?
Tanpopo: …..Kugyou-kun….I….I….! //dokun dokun dokun dokun//
arrow: And around that time, Tsukiko was wandering around lost in the night club.

//end of part 11//
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