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Name: Yamazaki Tanpopo (heroine of the Imadoki, Tanpopo = Dandilion)
Age: about 15?!
Background: Used to live in Inaka. Recently accepted into Meiou Academy as a substitude student in Tokyo.
Others: Favorite phrase = "Nyo". She rides bike to school. Nick name = "weed"
Name: Kugyou Kouki
Age: about 15?!
Background: Onzoushi (heir) to the Kugyou family. Apparently Kugyou is a wealthy and important family in Kansai. (Known as the "kansai kugyou-family"). Tanpopo's classmate.
Love plants. Nick name = "Iron face Kouki"
Name: Poplar (also name of a tall, straight, quickly-growing tree.)
Age: No idea~~~
Background: Tanpopo's pet fox
Others: Is very protective to Tanpopo. Not that there's much he could do!
Name: Saionji Tsukiko
Age: about 15?!
Background: Belong to the "kantou saionji-family". Also a wealthy family.
Others: No comments~~~
Name: Kiyougoku Aoi
Age: about 15?!
Background: Er...a Computer geek?
Others: No comments~~ I will think about it later......
Name: Ogata
Age: about 16?!
Background: Second to Kouki in terms of family power & stuff...., and he's the student council president..
Others: No comments~~~
Name: Uchimura Arisa
Age: about 15?!
Background: Don't remember, does her father runs some kind of financial company?
Others: Seems to like Ogata, and have been his girlfriend.






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