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The Thingful Thinged Thingiemabobber of Manga-Things!
This site is by Tetris no Miko, there are many information on a lot of manga and anime! Most of the info and all translations here are from her site! Do visit and let her know you appreciate her work!
Imadoki School Day Evolution
A pretty site with info, synopsis, characters, scans and postcards!
Also a pretty site with info, synopsis, and fan club!
  Meio Academy: Imadoki!!
Scans, and a bulleton board for Imadoki.
  The Gardening Committee
A lot of stuff on this site.
  Dandelion in a pot
Nice new site.

Other links
Find links to all my other web sites, and other manga and anime reviews here!!
My brother's Final Fantasy VIII site!

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Contact me by email or ICQ (62186889) to swap link!
Imadoki fanclub! Mantain by Tanpopo chan. Who is also the web master of Imadoki2000. You can join it at her web site. Just click on the fan club logo.




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