Imadoki! issue 5.
translated by: tetris no miko

//page 2//

[tanpopo visits the garden early at school]
tanpopo: you guys are blooming nicely today, huh! ...because all the other plants at this school are fake, no one's noticed about you guys yet!

//page 3//

tanpopo: it sure is hard coming to school every morning at 6...//yaaaaawn// but i can't be seen taking care of them... [sits at her desk and examines the faded graffiti on it] and to top it all off, i get this treatment...but it's against school i must not...get...caught...//zzzzzz/// [tanpopo falls asleep at her desk]

//page 4//

tanpopo: [wakes up all wet] nyo?!
students: //giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle//...don't you ever wake up? weed!
tanpopo: ?! ?! when did all you guys get here?
boy: you wouldn't wake up, so we dumpped water on you!

//page 5//

[tanpopo walks through the halls to the sinks to wring out her uniform]
tanpopo: nyonyo... //squeeeeeeze//
girls: //giggle, giggle// //whisper// what's she doign? it's the "weed" from D-kumi! huuuh? she didn't quit school yet?
tanpopo: //wipe, wipe// oh, i'm so sorry.
girl: ah! Kugyou-san! good morning!
[kouki notices tanpopo]

//page 6//

tanpopo: Kugyou-kun! 'morning!
kouki: yamazaki...? why're you wet...?
tanpopo: i got wet in the rain on the way to schol!
sun: //shine, shine//
kouki: could at least come up with a more realistic excuse!! //whisper//...did they do that to you? did they notice the garden yet?
tanpopo: nope!...tsuki-chan...i mean, saionji-san's the only one who knows! because she's the class gardener with me and all...
kouki: saionji...
saionji: good morning.

//page 7//

tanpopo: tsuki-chan, Ohaaa!
saionji: ...good morning, kugyou-san.
kouki: .....
tanpopo: //pow!!//
kouki: OW!
tanpopo: where's "good morning"?!! tsuki-chan adn i greeted you!?>
saionji: ahhhh! she hit kugyou-san?!...

//page 8//

kouki: good //whisper// morning...
[tanpopo is excited adn saionji is disgusted/shocked]
tanpopo: hey, did you hear that? hey, tsuki-chan!! //rattle, rattle, rattle, rattle// [tanpopo excitedly shakes poor saionji]
saionji:....Kugyou-san....really is nice to ONLY you.
tanpopo: really?
saionji: i mean, didn't he just listen to you?

//page 9//

tanpopo :oh! well, that's probalby because we're making progress...
saionji: progress... then that means your bond will become a deep, unbreakable bond which will lead to exchanging engagement presents, i wonder...
arrow pointing to saionji's words: too much progress
tanpopo: tsuki-chan, i think your veins are popping out...

//page 10//

tanpopo: //clap// ah, i understand! don't worry! you're my friend, too! i won't leave you.
saionji: ...huh...
tanpopo: and tsuki-chan, you're a nice girl, too! you decided to help me be the class gardener...even though you might end up being teased like me!

//page 11//

tanpopo: but i'm so glad it looks like that won't happen...i was kinda worried about you!
saionji: ...yamazaki-san...
[there's a quiet commotion around tanpopo's desk because there is a vase of flowers on it]
student: //whisper, whisper//...she's not saying anything.
student: //giglge, giggle// i'm betting she cries.
student: //whisper, whisper// i think she'll get mad

//page 12//

tanpopo: HOW PRETTY!! [all the students fall over]
students: ARE YOU RETARDED?!!
tanpopo: nyo? aw, but how sad. they're fake.
student: hey, you!! do you understand the meaning behind hainvg flowers put on your desk?!
student: what a confusing chick!!
[kouki smiles]

//page 13//

student: are you seriously retarded?!
[saionji looks a little worried when she notices kouki smiling]
narration: the next day.
tanpopo: Nyooooooo! i overslept!! i wonder if the flowers are okay? nyo

//page 14//

[saionji is standing aginst a tree, lookin sad]
tanpopo: tsuki-chan! what's wrong?! you look so dark.
saionji: ......look at this...yamazaki-san...
[saionji hands her her notebook that has "stupid", "weed", "die!", "pig!", and other nasties written on it]
saionji: this morning...when i opened my textbook, i found it....i was shocked....and ran out of the classroom.

//page 15//

tanpopo:...this can't be...
saionji: the others...seem to be mad at! i'm not really blaming you.
tanpopo: le's go to class, tsuki-chan! don't let it both3er you!
saionji :...but...
tanpopo: you'll be fine. i'll tell everyone to leave you alone!
saionji: stop it!! if you do that, they'll just tease us even more!!

//page 16//

tanpopo: it's my fault, huh...
saionji: i don't think's just that if you try to become friends with kugyou-san, then everyone...will tease us more...maybe you should just give up... [we can tell this is all an act as saionji is watching tanpopo's reaction out of the corner of her eye as she pretends to wipe her fake tears ^_^]
tanpopo: that has nothing to do with this! //boom!//
saionji: ah...really..
tanpopo: ...but it's okay, tsuki-chan, you can back out of this...
saionji: i....i'll be fine!!

//page 17//

tanpopo: but...
saionji: no problem...we're friends, aren't we?! that's right...from tomorrow on, let's work on teh garden together!
tanpopo: tsuki-chan...THANK YOUUUUU!! //hug!//
saionji: um...i can't breathe...
tanpopo: //squeeze, squeeze, squeeze// isnt friendship wonderful!...

//page 18//

[kouki is watching them]
flashback tanpopo: "friends are precious treasures".
tanpopo: ahhhhh //click// i'm home... //thud!//
poplar: kon!
tanpopo: ....sorry, poplar...for being late...

//page 19//

tanpopo: after our last class of the day, p.e., ended uniform....and tsuki-chan's uniforms were missing!
[poplar gets an image in her (his?) head of tanpopo and saionji finding their uniforms hanging on a tree, and tanpopo screaming "there they are!!]
tanpopo: ...tsuki-chan....looked like she was gonna cry. what shoudl i do?...i guess...this is worse than i thought... [tanpopo is talking to the dandilion, whose flowers are now closed]

//page 20//

tanpopo: ....hang in there. hang in there, hang in there, tanpopo! ["dandilion"]
watase: this is not a suntrips commercial [i have not seen a commercial like this, so i don't get this joke. blah.]
tanpopo: //hm!// you mustn't get discouraged!!
tanpopo/poplar: //grrrrr//
tanpopo: //wither...// ...let's eat dinner.
poplar: kon
tanpopo: that's right. i have to at least protect tsuki-chan...

//page 21//

[tanpopo is riding her bike to school]
tanpopo: i wonder if tsuki-chan's already here...
boys: HEY, WEED!! i figured you had been up to something... [tanpopo is shocked when she notices one of the boys has a ripped out flower in his hand]

//page 22//

[the boys stomp on the flowers]
tanpopo: the garden... what the hell are you doign?!

//page 23//

boys: i knew it was you, weed!! why are these flowers real?!
boys: yeah, even when it's against school rules!
[the girls are crowded around saionji, standing helplessly against a tree]
tanpopo: tsuki-chan...
girls: does this mean that saionji-san helped her plant them? breaking the school rules results in suspension, doesn't it!

//page 24//

student: poor saionji-san! all because she was paired up with that dork! hey, weed, say something!
tanpopo: stop it!! [ everyone is surprised] saionji-san has nothing to do with it!! i did it all myself!!

//page 25//

boy: ...but! weed, your penalty is suspension!! why don't you stop? //squish//
boy: are you taking pity on her?...let's destroy this all.
boy: ehy, anyone else wanna join?
[they stomp and tear flowers out]
tanpopo: ...op it...

//page 26//

[saionji smirks evilly]
tanpopo: stop it!!
boy: [shoving tanpopo back: shut up!!

//page 27//

[tanpopo landed against kouki]
boy: ...kugyou-san!
boy:...what good timing! this girl just broke the school rules!
boy: please look at this garden!

//page 28//

kouki: yeah. i let her do it.
[the boys are shocked]

//page 29//

tanpopo: eh?!
[saionji looks sick ^_^]
students: bubububububut!! kouki: my father...the school owner told me to enter this school and if there are any strange rules, to change them.
tannin: s, so, the rule that bans living plants at school...?
kouki: changed.
tannin: couldn't...

//page 30//

kouki: guys sure made fools of yourselves...escpecially since yamazaki went through all this trouble to plant it for me.
boys: //gulp// we, we'll put it back!!
boy: hey, help us, you guys!
[saionji slips away in disgust]
boys: sorry, yamazaki-san!

//page 31//

boy: hey, don't step on it!
tanpopo: ....why...?
kouki: [smiles slightly] ...i just wanted to try it [he said this in kansai-ben]...being a "class gardener" with you.

//end of issue 5//

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