original story by: Watase Yuu
English translation by: Tetris no Miko

from Shocomi magazine, issue #20…

=page 1=
Saionji: Yamazaki-san punched the student body presidennnnt?
Kouki: yeah, because of Uchimura. I’d never seen her look so berserk before!

=page 2=

Saionji: But, are you sure you are okay with this, Kugyou-san!! Not only have we thrown away our chance at having the Gardening Committee, but now we’re enemies with the student coun…
boy: is Yamazaki Tanpopo around?!
Kouki: Hm?
Tanpopo: ….how was the clinic? Uchimura-san…
Arisa: It was okay! …the doctor told me not to do a stupid thing like that again! and I got Ogata to pay for it…
Tanpopo: …hey… Ogata may be a total jerk, but you’re not such a good girl, either!

=page 3=

Tanpopo: You’ve gotta take better care of yourself! Arisa: Yeah, yeah, St. Maryyyyy, okay, okay. Just make sure you hurry up and get laid by the guy you like!!
Tanpopo: *gulp!*
Arisa: Juuuust kidding. I understand you. thanks for caring about meeee.
Tanpopo: so she aborted Ogata’s baby, huh…I guess I got a little carried away when I hit him… and now thanks to me, we can’t have the Gardening Committee…

=page 4=

Aoi/Saionji/Kouki: OH, BY THE WAY!! *whoosh!*
Tanpopo: Waaah! What?! What’s going on?!
Kouki: The student council just had a vote, and they passed our Gardening Committee!

=page 5=

[at the student council room]
boy: …But, why? Ogata-san!! How can you just let Kugyou walk all over you! he thinks he’s so hot going over our heads and running the school…
Ogata: [w/a bandaid on his face ^_^] *whirl* I see no problem! It’s nothing big…taking care of flowers and all! Such a silly little committee like that will die off quickly! …I, who have never even been hit by my parents, was hit so hard by that girl… Yamazaki, you little bitch *heart*
council members: Not a woman again!!

=page 6=

[Tanpopo and the others are out gardening]
Tanpopo: *shiver*
Kouki: What’s wrong, Yamazaki?
Tanpopo: I just felt a little chill…
Aoi: I still can’t believe they passed our committee AND made Tanpopo the president.
Arisa: Well, I’m proud of her!
Saionji: Since when did we let you in, Uchimura-san!
Arisa: What’s wrong with thaaat? Tanpopo invited me to join!
Saionji: If you want to join us, then at least drop that monster makeup of yours!!
Tanpopo: So this planting today will be in celebration of our committee’s founding.
Kouki: ….why does everyone have different seeds?

=page 7=

Tanpopo: These flowers are us! my grandfather told me this: cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms, plum blossoms are plum blossoms, and it’s because they’re different that they’re pretty! Humans, like flowers, don’t have to reform to the same look. ….that each one of us needs to bloom to the best of our abilities.

=page 8=

Tanpopo: Let’s all bloom differently, too! this is what the Gardening Committee is all about!
Kouki: ….That’s…. Kouki/Saionji/Arisa/Aoi: CHEEZYYYYYY!!
Tanpopo: Huhhhh? What’s wrong with being romantic!!
[kids are looking down at Tanpopo and the others through the window]
kid: …Hey, what’re they doing down there?….
kid: I hear they started a Gardening Committee.
kid: How lame! What’s with taking care of flowers? Don’t they believe in natural sellection!
kid: But, you know…

=page 9=

kid: …they sure look like…they’re having fun…
[the gardening committee is talking and laughing together.]
narration: …by the way..
Tanpopo: …finally… finals are over….
Arisa: now that finals are over, it’s summer vacation! Let’s plaaaaay!!
Saionji: …But all you ever do is play anyway.

=page 10=

Sakata: Master!! Master Kouki!! *bam!*
Tanpopo: Nyo, oh, that guy’s your comedy partner, huh…
Kouki: He’s my DRIVER!! what’s wrong, Sakata!
Sakata: We have the whereabouts of your brother!!
Kouki: Oh, now that’s nothing to get excited over. Calm down, you’re embar…WHAT WAS THAT, SAKATAAAAA!! SAY THAT ONE MORE TIMMMMMMMME!!
Sakata: Master, you, you’re hurting me…

=page 11=

Kouki: Hokkaido?!
Tanpopo: Nyonyo, that’s where I come from!!
Kouki: Are you SURE this time?!
Sakata: Yes… this time it’s true!!
Arisa: Hey, hey, what’s he talking abouuut?
Aoi: Kugyou’s big brother left two years ago…and Kugyou’s been lookin’ for him ever since…
Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun..
Kouki: …let’s go, Sakata! Make preparations immediately! This time I’ll catch him for sure!
Sakata: Ye, yes sir!!
Tanpopo: …wait!!

=page 12=

Tanpopo: I’m coming, too!! I had been planning on visiting home during summer vacation anyway!!
Kouki: Yamazaki…
Aoi: …Well, if she’s coming, then we might as well come, too!
Saionji: *gasp!*
Kouki: No!! don’t you guys come, too!! it’ll get too noisy
Arisa: Now, don’t say thaaaat! Aren’t we all fellow Garden Committee’ers?
Saionji: And because of this, we can support you from behind!
Arisa/Aoi/Saionji: let’s call this… "The Kugyou-brothers’ love and hate reunion Tour"!!
Tanpopo: I thought it was pretty moving, myself…

=page 13=

[picture of Tanpopo’s face over Hokkaido farmland]
Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun is coming to my home town!

=page 14=

[the 5 are near Tanpopo’s house outside]
Tanpopo: Ahhh, it’s so good to be hommme!
Poplar: Kon!
Tanpopo: It’s a short walk to my house now!
Kouki: Thanks for letting us stay at your place, Yamazaki. It looks like my brother was discovered near here, but it’s not near the grounds of our summer home here…
Tanpopo: Don’t worry about it, this place is pretty big.
Aoi: Ya, YMAZAKI!!

=page 15=

Tanpopo: Nyo, you mean Poplar?
[Poplar 2 other foxes are having a happy reunion…God, they’re soooooo sweet! ^v^]
foxes: Kon, kon, kon!
Tanpopo: that’s Poppy on the right, and Corn on the left…well…
Ruri: Tanpopo!!

=page 16=

[Tanpopo’s Hokkaido friends are there. I think most of these characters are introduced in the Imadoki story that was in that "chu-chu" magazine…I don’t have that. If someone does, DO send it to me *_*]
friends: Welcome back!!
Tanpopo: Nyo! Ruri-chan and Kazutaka! How’ve ya beeeeeeen?! Ao-chan and Kanako came, too?!
Kouki: ….those must be her friends here…
Hokkaido friends: *perk*
Tokyo friends: *doki*
[the Hokkaido friends pounce on the Tokyo friends]
Tanpopo: you guys get aquatinted, okaayyy..

=page 17=

grandma: Tanpopo…welcome home…!
Tanpopo: Grandma…! [Tanpopo rushes up and happily hugs her grandma] Hiiii…!
friends: *blah, blah, blah, blah*

=page 18=

grandpa: KA!!!
everyone: *PERK!*
Aoi: What was that, a ghost?
Hokkaido friends: [as they run for dear life] retreeeeeeat! See ya later, Tanpopooooo!
Tanpopo: Grandpa!!
Kouki: What?!
grandma: ….Jus’ how long’re you young’uns gonna yap around the front of my house!! Can’t we give some peace’n quiet to our guests from far away!!

=page 19=

[they’re seated in seiza around the table indoors]
grandpa: …Thanks for comin’ to such a dirty farm’as this!
Tokyo friends: Tha, thanks for having us…
Aoi: my feet hurt like hell…
grandma: Now you folks just relax, okay!
Tanpopo: Don’t be scared, you guys! Grandpa was born with a frown on his face!
Tokyo friends: Is this really the same grandpa who told her about the cherry blossoms and the plumb blossoms…?
Kouki: Oh, excuse me! I know it’s a little early, but may I make a phone call?
Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun, come this way! Sorry, cell phones don’t work out here…

=page 20=

Kouki: [on the phone] …ah, Erika?….sorry….sorry….I couldn’t call sooner…cell phone’s don’t work….yeah. yup….okay…oKAY….okay….I’ll call you later… [ he hands up and has a tired look on his face as he sighs] ….thanks.
Tanpopo:….oh, that’s nothing….is she okay?….being left behind and all?
Kouki: I don’t know…we got in a fight earlier when I told her I was leaving…

=page 21=

Tanpopo: …oh…
Kouki: …but I have a question…where are your parents…?
Tanpopo: *gasp* [she smiles] ….they’re dead!

=page 22=

Kouki: ….why….
[grandpa’s shadow slips up behind them]
grandpa: WAH!
Kouki: WAH!!
grandpa: Tanpopo! It’ll be supper time soon. Come t’ the table, son!
[Kouki’s cowering in fear ^_^]
Tanpopo: ….Kugyou-kun…..you’ll get used to him in no time…

=page 23=

[that night, Kouki can’t sleep]
flashback: "They’re dead"
Aoi: *snorrrrrre*
[grandma and Tanpopo are in bed]
grandma: …my goodness, all your friends from Tokyo sure look like kids from "this day and age"! especially that girl….what’s it called again? "Maguro"? [tuna]
Tanpopo: that’s "ganguro"! [pitch black; a term used to reefer to the girls who wear very dark makeup] her name’s Uchimura!
grandma: Oh, and that boy…named Kugyou! What do you think about him?
Tanpopo: *doki…*

=page 24=

Tanpopo: …………………… let’s just go to sleep. I’m gonna go "there" tomorrow morning. I’ll come back right away, so don’t tell anyone else, okay! Grandma!
[the next morning, Tanpopo’s outside]
Tanpopo: "What do you think about him?"…. I can’t tell her….that I’m secretly in love with him!

=page 25=

Tanpopo: …hey, Dad, Mom….even if you were alive now, I don’t think I’d be able to talk to you about that….
flashback-mom: "Tanpopo, come on!"

=page 26=

Tanpopo: We used to play here a lot when I was little… [Tanpopo starts to cry] *wipe, wipe* ….oh no, I promised them I wouldn’t cry!

=page 27=

*rustle* [a dirty-looking man with sunglasses emerges from the bushes….gee, I wonder who it is…]
Tanpopo: ?!
*rustle, rustle, rustle*
Tanpopo: …Who are you…?

=page 28=

man: …
Tanpopo; *dokidokidokidokidoki* …Who IS this guy…?! Maybe…maybe I’m in deep trouble…
words appear behind Tanpopo: "there is no sign of anyone else nearby; if you scream, no one will hear you."
Tanpopo: SO LONG!! [she runs for it]

=page 29=

*SNAP!* [she trips and falls]
Tanpopo: …Ungh!….
*rustle, rustle*

=page 30=

[the man has appeared next to her now]
Tanpopo: !!
man: Just hold still…
Tanpopo: *dokundokundokun* No…
[the ,man grabs her ankle]

=page 31=

Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!
narration: …And at that time, Kugyou was…
Kugyou: …Ngh…!….Ya…mazaki….
[he’s hot and sweaty in bed with Aoi and the three foxes sleeping on him.]
Kouki: Save yourself…!
narration:….having a terrible nightmare.

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