original story by: Watase Yuu
English translation by: Tetris no Miko

from Shocomi magazine, issue #19…

=page 1=
Tanpopo: I….I…. I love you, Kugyou-kun I….lo… *dokundokundokun*

=page 2=

*BWEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!* Kouki: What the hell?!
[Arisa’s throwing up]
boy: How siiiiick
Arisa: *cough, cough*
boy: what’s your problem, Arisa? Did ya drink too much?
Tanpopo: ….Uchimura-san?!

=page 3=

boy: Huh?…but you didn’t drink anything tonight…
Arisa: …the fuck up!…I don’t feel like partying anymore!! Just get outta here!!
boy: Damn…and I was SO in the mood.
Tanpopo: Uchimura-san!!
Arisa: *gulp* you guys…
Tanpopo: Uchimura-san…I don’t believe it…you have…

=page 4=

Tanpopo: you have an ulcer? do you want some candy?
Arisa: THAT’S NOT IT!! how would you know anything; you’ve never known a man befo… *gasp*
Tanpopo: …then, that must mean….Uchimura-san….how many months?!

=page 5=

Arisa: You, you’re wrong!! I mean, what’s it to you!!
Tanpopo: But!! You just threw up!! if you’re not drunk, then that’s the only other possibility! *shake shake shake shake* [Tanpopo is throttling Arisa] Right, Uchimura-san!
Arisa: [crouches down and throws up some more ^_^]
Tanpopo: See, there you go again!
Kouki: ….I think the cause is different this time, Yamazaki… did you go to the doctor, Uchimura!
Arisa: …Shut up! yeah, I went! They say I’m three months pregnant! I made a little mistake!
Kouki: little mistake…don’t you realize the seriousness of what you’ve done?!
Arisa: I don’t know who the father is, anyway!! Just leave me alone! I was thinking of quitting school anyway!

=page 6=

Kouki: What’s with that woman….!
Saionji: since you guys left me alone, I got lost in the club! And Kyougoku-san was killing people left and right in the hallway!!
Aoi: *sparkle!* how’d it go with Arisa-chin?! [Aoi is stained in blood ^_^, oh, and the "chin" was not a typo. It’s just another cute ending to add to a name; kind of like "tchi"]
Kouki: AND JUST WHY ARE YOU COVERED IN BLOOD?! and why do you have such a satisfied expression as well??
you didn’t actually KILL anyone, did you!!
Aoi: Nope! I pulled back at the last minute!
Tanpopo: that was close…I almost told Kugyou-kun something I’d regret…

=page 7=

[back at school]
Tanpopo: Arisa’s problem is much more important than mine. Now’s not the time to tell her to stay away from the president…
[the president appears behind Tanpopo]
Ogata: good morning!
Tanpopo: ack! [said in a monotone] good morning, Mr. President!

=page 8=

Ogata: I know it’s a little early, but did you take care of Uchimura?
Tanpopo: *gulp!* uh…well, lots of things came up, and…*mumble, mumble*
Ogata: …she called me again last night! She’s been calling me every night for a while and hanging up without saying anything and it’s really bugging me! we had a deal, right? If you want to start the "Gardening Committee", then do something about her.

=page 9=

Tanpopo: do something?
Ogata: …of course… [puts his hand on her chin and leans in towards her] you also have the choice of agreeing to be my girlfriend!
Tanpopo: WHAT?
Ogata: you see, if I can tell Uchimura I have a girlfriend, she’ll get off my case! *squeeze* [he takes her hand]
Tanpopo: Y…yeah, well that may be true, but!!
Ogata: And you’re my type anyway…

=page 10=

Ogata: you want to have a "Gardening Committee", don’t you?
Tanpopo: !! *gasp!*
[Arisa has appeared behind them.]
*whack!* [Tanpopo pushes Ogata down into the ground ^_^]
[Arisa glares at them with fire sound effects around her]
Tanpopo: Go…good morning… oh crap…she’s gonna kill me…

=page 11=

Arisa: *humph* *whirl* [Arisa turns around and walks away]
Tanpopo: Huh?…
Ogata: *gasp!* I ALMOST SUFFOCATED TO DEATH!! why the hell’d you shove me into the bushes! *wheeze*
Tanpopo: Uchimura-san…
Ogata: what?!
Tanpopo:…uh, never mind…

=page 12=

Ogata: Well, anyway! Either you do something about Uchimura or you go out with me! if you don’t, then I’m not gonna let you have your "committee"!
Tanpopo: *grrrr* who in her right mind would go out with this jerk!!… I’ll get Uchimura-san straight!! But….she looked so sad back then…
Aoi: Ya wanna know about Ogataaa?

=page 13=

Aoi: *tappity, tap, tap* his dad’s an important congressman! And they’ve got money to burn! If Kugyou weren’t here, he’d probably rule the school! Ever since junior high, he’s been a philanderer! There’re also rumors that his dad arranged for illegal abortions for his ladies…
Tanpopo: *gasp* [sees flashback or Arisa puking] it couldn’t be…
Kouki: …what’re you two sneaking around for?
Tanpopo: *doki!* Well, and on that note! bye!
Kouki: On what note!

=page 14=

[Tanpopo retreats]
Kouki: …What is she…
Aoi: "human"
Kouki: I know that, you nimrod!
Aoi: Then why’d ya ask!
Tanpopo: *zukin zukin zukin* [painful noises] ……ever since then, I can’t look at Kugyou-kun without blushing. But now’s not the time to worry about that!
*gulp* [Arisa’s having a drink]

=page 15=

boy: Ohhh, Arisa, you don’t look so happy.
boy2: hey, hey, let’s say why don’t you and I go…
*whap!* [Tanpopo grabs Arisa’s drink]
Tanpopo: you shouldn’t drink this!!
Arisa: You…!!
Tanpopo: let’s go! Uchimura-san! You shouldn’t be in a place like this!…it’s not good for your health!

=page 16=

*grab* [Tanpopo grabs Arisa’s hand]
boy: What the hell’s HER problem!
Arisa: …Hey, leggo of me!
Tanpopo: Just stop doing things like this anymore!
*boo!* [boys appear in front of Tanpopo]
boy: Hey, hey, what’re ya doing to her!
boy2: can’t you see she doesn’t like it!
Tanpopo: get outta my way!! I’m Uchimura-san’s friend!!
Arisa: !!

=page 17=

*clang! Whap! Bop!
[the boys are on the ground with Band-Aids on their heads ^_^]
[Kouki’s standing with his trowel ^v^, looking rad and Aoi’s grinning like Tasuki behind him ^_^]
Kouki: …I had a hunch you were here…!
Aoi: don’t forget about me!
Tanpopo: Kugyou…kun.
[Aoi proceeds to stomp on the boys they just beat up]
Aoi: GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! *smash! Stomp!* [aaaaah, I love Aoi ^_-]
Kouki: …Seems like he’s found his purpose in life…

=page 18=

[they’re in a cab with Saionji]
Kouki: …you’re impossible…! Just what were you planning on doing if those jerks really did do something to you!!
Tanpopo: …but…
Saionji: he’s right, Yamazaki-san. Kugyou-san was so worried about you that he frantically ran about town looking for you!
Kouki: [blushing] don’t…don’t exaggerate…
Tanpopo: He…was worried about me…?
[Arisa lights a cigarette]
=page 19=

Tanpopo: Don’t!! [she takes the cigarette]
Arisa: …Knock it off, will ya!! What the hell is with you anyway!! Why don’t’cha just grow up already!
Kouki: …Hey! Just stop…
Tanpopo: You’re in love with Ogata-san, aren’t you!!

=page 20=

Tanpopo: every night…you call him, right?
Arisa: *gasp*
Tanpopo: And maybe…maybe…the baby inside of you is…
Arisa: …you’re right… it’s HIS baby!!
Kouki/Saionji/Aoi: *ACK!*

=page 21=

Tanpopo: So…did you guys go out?
Arisa: …I think we met before graduation and my friend’s house! But there were so many other girls who were nuts about him!….why should he chose a girl like me?… I mean…we don’t go well together. His dad’s a politician, and he’s smart. But I’m stupid, and can only attract losers. I guess I thought the only way he’d accept me is through sex….

=page 22=

Tanpopo: [puts hands on Arisa’s shoulders] THAT CAN’T BE TRUE!! if you really love him a lot….then just tell him how you feel!! And you have to tell him about his baby!!….it’s VERY important!!
[Saionji and Aoi and Kouki have serious expressions…..wow, AOI, serious?? ^_^]
Tanpopo: I…I’ll help you out!! Why don’t you give it a try!!

=page 23=

Tanpopo: good luck!!
[at school]
Aoi: …so that means…Uchimura’s gonna ask’im out? Sheesh, Tanpopo’s so stupid, hasn’t she forgotten about the "Gardening Committee"??
Saionji: Maybe…this is Tanpopo we’re talking about. She’s the kind of girl who will easily cheer her enemies on. Though I think she should be a little more concerned about her OWN love-life…
Tanpopo: …I hear Ogata’s alone in the student council room now!

=page 24=

Arisa: ….hey…why would you go this far for me?…
Tanpopo: well, to tell you the truth…I wanted to get close to you at first because it would help the person I love…. But it’s different now! now I’m really routing for you!! I mean…I understand what you’re going through! So I want you to try hard for me!

=page 25=

Arisa: *squeeze* [she clenches her fist] ….okay!! [she heads for the room]
Tanpopo: good luck…because…I can’t tell Kugyou-kun how I feel…because he has a fiancee. It won’t do any good…if I tell him I love him….
Ogata: Whaaat?

=page 26=

Ogata: …What?…can you repeat that?
[Tanpopo’s listening through the door]
arrow: eavesdropper
Uchimura: That night…I…got pregnant….and also…that was…the first time…I’d ever seriously fallen in love with a guy…you were my first…

=page 27=

Arisa: So…
[Ogata smirks and then bursts into laughter]
Ogata: HAHAHAHAHA!! Are you SERIOUS?!….what a laaaaugh! Are you SURE it’s mine?! Haven’t you screwed around with lots of other guys?!

=page 28=

Ogata: …Even if it IS my kid, how are you gonna get people to believe you? gimme a break! We only slept together once; stop acting like my wife! [*I read this in a book called "making out in Japanese" O_o that if a Japanese girl sleeps with a guy, she becomes OBSESSED with him and very possessive of him; like a wife. so the phrase "we only slept together once; stop acting like my wife!" is not too un-common ^_^] okay, okay! What do you want? Money?! Okay, but don’t expect me to get too much out of the student body funds!
Tanpopo: how horrible!!
[Kouki grabs her wrist to stop her from barging in]
Tanpopo: Kugyou-kun…

=page 29=

Arisa: *smirk*….A~~~ah!! so you found me out, huh!! I’m sure in deep shit, not knowing who the real father is!!
[Tanpopo’s shocked at Arisa’s response]
Arisa: but thanks a loooooot. Sure doesn’t take you too long figure things out. Okay, I’ll be expecting the money sooooon!
Ogata: …well, then this ends anything between us. don’t come near me again!!
Tanpopo: Uchimura-san…
Ogata: Got that?!

=page 30=

Arisa: ….
[she walks out into the hall]
Tanpopo: …Uchimura….san…
Arisa: I’m gonna have an abortion! He says this way we don’t have to worry about anything…
[Tanpopo’s shocked]

=page 31=

[Arisa’s crying]
Ogata: Hey, dad?…oh, you’re in a meeting? …sorry, sorry! Well, I’ve kinda done it again, and…
*stomp stomp stomp stomp*
Ogata: Yeah…so can you…
=page 32=

[Tanpopo’s in the room, gasping for breath]
Ogata: Oh, Tanpopo-chan! Good timing. The problem with Uchimura’s solved now, so now if you want to have the committee, if you’d just go out with…
Kouki: [smiling proudly] …Yes!

=page 33=

[Tanpopo gives Ogata a good whack >: )=]

=page 34=

Tanpopo: …Uchimura-san!! Don’t waste your time crying over such a JERK!
[Arisa smiles through her tears] ….okay!

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