29 June 2001
Scans of Giant Robo in Madman Catalogue is added to the Image Gallery.

25 June 2001

Fixed up the Link to Giant Robo Episode 7 images, thanks Tetsugyu-kun for telling me, oh and I put up a link to his site there too. Giant Robo

15 May 2001
Doki Doki Forum Message board added. Please try.

22 January 2001
Happy New Year! Imadoki! minor update. Since Tetris no Miko's site is down, I have uploaded some translations which I previosly directed to Tertris no Miko's site.

15 November 2000

Clamp School Detective Review , and its screencaps gallery!
By the way, it's my Birthday today!! Eww...getting old...

20 October 2000
Uploaded site to an alternative URL. You can now access this site at
as well. (Original site: http://yuffie.20m.com)

16 October 2000
Sakura Taisen OVA Review

13 September 2000
Vampire Hunter D (Movie) Review

08 September 2000
Updated Imadoki! Part 11 translation added.
A few entries in the Guestbook disappear, maybe something to do with Bravenet updating their services......I didn't delete them...If you have signed my GuestBook but your entry isn't there anymore, can you please sign it again? Thanks!
01 September 2000
Kare Kano Review and screen caps & gifs, Giant Robo mini image gallery! Also links to Appare Jipangu and Imadoki can be found at Anime Turnpike now.
I put the animated banner back on. But I changed the site's name to "Doki Doki Manga and Anime Collection". I updated the banner, if you haven't notice, here's what I changes....

01 August 2000
Got rid of the animated banner, and midi background music to cut down the downloading time of this page.
18 July 2000
Reuploaded the whole site, because there is a bug at the server's side, and many files were uploaded as blank. Phew, glad it's fixed!
10 July 2000
Links to 'The little Buddha', 'In love, do not disturb!', and 'Appare Jipangu' added.
7 July 2000

Added a visitors counter on the bottom of this page. Guestbook is added, but I am not sure if it will work. Sign for me?!
2 July 2000
Just adopted Van from http://devoted.to/animen ^_^, maybe I will make a Van shrine (me crazy otaku!) It's a bit too big to be here, click here to see my 'adopted Van'!
1 July 2000
Redid the layout of this page, and link to Card Captor Sakura now works! But only the character's page is done.
I also captured Yuuhi and Kouji from www.pocket-bishonen.com. ^_^ aren't they cute? I would like to catch some more, but can't be too greedy, right?

28 June 2000

Imadoki: Links page added. Yuffie's Imadoki site is registered with some Internet search engine.
23 June 2000

Imadoki site uploaded. Please check it out under Anime and Manga!
Imadoki pages of "Yuffie's manga and anime collection" is officially uploaded. This is the first part of the site being officially uploaded! Yay, it's a first step! Anyone is welcome to send me any comments and suggestions. Or donate any ideas, information and scans? You will be properly credited! Presently, I want to make some animated gifs of SD Tanpopo and Kouki, but don't wait for it though. I don't know when I can get it done!

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