Clamp School Detective
Number of Episodes: Twenty-six (26)
Production: Studio Pierrot
Original manga by: Clamp
How much and Where to get it (for Aussie): Not Available commercially, check U.S.
Review by: Yuffie Aogiri in October 2000
The images down the two sides are screencaps from the opening and the first ending. Click on the image to see it large. Visit my csd screencap gallery for more screencaps!!
I heard that many characters including all three main characters of Clamp School Detectives have appeared in others of Clamp's work. However, I have only seen Cardcaptor Sakura's first two seasons, two Tokyo Babylon's movies, and TB's manga. Therefore, I do not know any of the Clamp School Detectives' characters prior to watching this series, and my views maybe different to those who knows.

I just couldn't help thinking Clamp is/are crazy after watching the first few episodes, I still do after finished watching the series, though not as much, probably because I got used to it by the end.

The three leading characters are Imonoyama Nokoru, Takamura Suoh, and Ijuuin Akira. They are all members of the student council of Clamp School's primary school division. They are respectively the President (6th grade), Secretary (5th grade), and the Treasury (3rd grade).

All the characters are well designed, but hey their maturity, activities, intelligence, abilities, everything, totally does not match their age! It is just so far from realistic! However, on the optimistic side, this is what makes it fun.

There is apparently no continuous plot (except for episode 5 & 6, 11 & 12 where two episode makes one story) until episode 20. From episode 20 to the end (ep 26) is one whole arc, though each episode are still fairly self-contained. If you can get through the first few episodes, you will actually enjoy this series.

It is a series of purely entertainment, the characters are just so cute (if you can forget they are much younger then you yet smarter or stronger, or cooks way better then you :P) There are no thinking/reflection require from you, just watch and enjoy it. The drawings, characters, and uniform designs are very nice. I personally like it better then Magic Knight Rayearth, but I've only watched the first 12 episodes of Rayearth, so that could change. Maybe I just prefer boys over girls! ^_^" and some of the SD in Rayearth are just annoying~~~!!

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