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Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) OVA
Number of Episodes: Four (4)
Original format: Sega Saturn dating/strategy simulation game
Original Story: Hiroi Ohiji
Animation Character Designs: Fujishima Kousuke (AH! MEGAMISAMA)
Editor: Akahori Satoru
Music: Tanaka Kouhei
Voice Casts: Yokoyama Chisa (Sakura), Tomizara Michie (Sumire), Orikasa Ai (Ayame) etc..
Theme Song (opening): "Manifest! Imperial Floral Assault Group"
How much and Where to get it (for Aussie): DVD (Multilingual-NTSC SRP $37.95) and VHS (2 volumes at SRP $22.95 each dubbed) available from Madman Entertainment. Saw them at HMV in Brisbane before.
Review by: Yuffie Aogiri in September 2000

Sakura Taisen is based on a Sega Saturn Game. There are only four episodes in this OVA. I have never played the game before, so I don't know how different it is to the game. However, I know they both have the same characters and music.

The story takes place in 1920 Japan. Girls with strong spiritual powers are assembled from around the globe to form the "Imperial Floral Assault Group". Only people with strong spiritual power can pilot these steam-driven robots. With these robots, they fight against demons. (Never gets a good look at those demons in the OVAs) Each girl has different powers, and are named after flowers. To the public, the "Imperial Floral (Assault) Group" is a group of musical actresses. It is a way of disguise as well as teamwork and confidence training.

The OVAs started off with Sakura trying to master her sword, which her father have left her. They also show how the steam- driven robots are invented. Also the general (?) was looking for more people to join the "Imperial Floral Assault Group" and has came to Sakura's village, while the "Imperial Floral Assault Group" leader gather all the other girls who were under training together. As the OVA progress, the characters learnt the importance of team work, and a new member (the only male) from the military was appointed to join the group as the team leader at the end of the 2nd ep.

The animation quality and music are good, but the plot is somewhat unresolved, and there seems to be some bits missing in-between episode 3 and 4. Perhaps, these are resolved in the game?

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