Vampire Hunter D Movie
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English Dubbed
Yoshiaki Kawajiri
13 September 2000
I recently had the opportunity to watch Vampire Hunter D in a theatre at the Brisbane Japanime Festival. I have not seen the previous animated series, the most I know about it, is that it has a playstation game, and I have watched a demo video clip from the game. Therefore, I have no prier knowledge about the anime, and I think I still don't after having watched the movie… ^_^;

The animation quality is very good, and the character designs are beautiful. There are some interesting things in there, such as one guy, after he injected something into his body, his spirit will leave his body and can use very powerful attacks … but what and how he does it was not explained. Also, why does D have to burry himself into the earth in one part? (I don't consider these spoilers, they don't have anything to do with the story as far as I am concern) All characters seems to have a story of their own, therefore I presumed the characters must have been thoroughly designed with complete background. Unfortunately, we didn't learn anything about these characters in the movie. There are very little character developments in the movie. The plot doesn't go anywhere either! It's like an episode out of a TV series! I don't understand why this film was selected to be in a Japanese animation festival.

I will recommend this film to people who are looking for beautiful animation and does not care about a plot or character developments. There is a very cool battle between D and …er…maiya ?… forgot his name …but he's a cool vampire ~~~reminds me a bit of Folken in Vision of Escaflowne ~~~ oh … There are a few other nicely animated battle too. *sign* what a pity, why can't they put some more effort in the plot?

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