Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Links
Kare kano English official site Staff information, and Japanese TV schedules, character designs, and production notes etc
Official Japanese site There's not much information, and it seems to focus on the manga more.
Down with Arima An infomationful site. Have summaries of all episodes, but the English is a little difficult to understand ... ^_^;;
nQʺѦa A combo chinese anime site, I got some of my images from its Kare kano section (pretty much like a site more then a section ^_^;)
AMO,Co,Ltd Kare-kano Episode reviews up to episode 23
Kareshi Kanojo no jijou Some nice wall papers, and ICQ skins. Episode summary up to 20+ episodes.
ChaSiuBau-chan's Little Tea Hut --- KareKano A new site with multimedia to download, characters etc.... and lots of links.......

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