All English Volume Titles and Synopsis are taken from the CLAMP School video covers distributed by Anime Village America. Chinese episode titles are from VCDs boxset by Dynamic Video Multi-Media Limited.

Volume 1 - Let's Investigate! Volume 2 - For that someone you will meet someday...
Not even the bright and talented minds of CLAMP school can keep the campus free of crimes and mysteries. Or can they? Join Nokoru, Souh and Arika, our case-cracking kid detectives, as they save the day and even the odd damsel in distress! In this installment, the gumshoe trio face as evil realtor, a locked-room thief, a hidden treasure, and APPLE PIE? Arika hears that Souh used to avoid Nokoru three summers ago. What happened back then to melt the ice between them? And what cases will the CLAMP School Detectives' next two maidens in distress bring? The clues for episodes 5-8 are Casablanca, ninja, ghosts , and the fairy of the lakeside!
Episode 01   Episode 05  
Episode 02   Episode 06  
Episode 03   Episode 07  
Episode 04   Episode 08  
Volume 3 - Who cares if we win or lose? Volume 4 - It's a crime to be too kind.
Will Souh be able to save Nagisa, a victor of his heart, from disaster? Can Souh possibly win a nine-on-one baseball game? Who is behind the mysterious "20 Masks"? Key words for these exciting episodes (9-11) are matchmaking, promises and a golden goose! Can mysterious "20 Masks" innocence be proven? The CLAMP Detectives are tested while Casablanca seeks to rid herself of her dark past. Action, love,... Santa Claus? Look out for a confession, study breaks, and a plane crash in episodes 12-14!
Episode 09   Episode 12  
Episode 10   Episode 13  
Episode 11   Episode 14  
Volume 5 - A wonderful gift that remains in you heart forever. Volume 6 - I was finally able to find you.
What chaos will Duklyon, a CLAMP School's sentai duo, create? A summer project in the South Pacific becomes a captivating case! Look for the dim sum, rainbows, and a mysterious beauty in the guest-filled episodes 15-17! Will Nagisa's love be enough to bring Souh back from the depths of amnesia? What will the Detectives find in their latest treasure hunt? What can the mysterious red-headed boy want from our trio? The pace speeds up with episodes 18-20, where biotechnology, the beauty of nature, and a time-bomb are the clues!
Episode 15   Episode 18  
Episode 16   Episode 19  
Episode 17   Episode 20  
Volume 7 - Enjoy the loneliness and hardships of being alone. Volume 8 - I want to hold on to your mother's smile
The mysterious enemy present one challenge after another--will the Detectives stop the theft in time? Will the missing monkeys of the Banana Monkey Park be found? Will the enemy's merciless attacks on Nokoru cause the trapdoors, and trust? A mystery boy openly challenges the detectives. What is his motive that involves his mother and Nokoru? Will the Detectives be able to stop the mysterious one from endangering the students lives with a deadly trap? Get ready for the thrilling episodes 24-26 filled with memories, subways, and the heart-warming ending!
Episode 21   Episode 24  
Episode 22   Episode 25  
Episode 23   Episode 26  

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