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Sakura is not sensitive about her feelings ^_-, and she's kind of related to Clow Reed.
Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Age: 10
Background: Ordinary school girl of a single parent family.
Characteristic: Energetic (genki), atheletic
Seiyuu: Sakura Tange
Others: Responsible of releasing Clow's card, and is now the Cardcaptor appointed by Kerobero
He shows passion towands Yukito when he first arrived in Japan, but later falls in love with Sakura!
Name: Syaoran (Shao-Lang) Li
Age: 10
Background: Transfered from Hong Kong, a decendent of Clow Reed's mother's family.
Characteristic: Does not express his feelings very well.
Seiyuu: Kumai Motoko
Others: Found out the Clow's card have escaped, therefore came to Japan to capture the Clow's card.
Tomoyo's mother and Sakura's mother are cousins, so I guess they are related?! She also have special feelings for Sakura
Name: Tomoyo Daidouji
Age: 10
Background: Sakura's best friend
Characteristic: She's very sensitive.
Seiyuu: Junko Iwao
Others: She is a very good singer. Her family is very rich.
Meiling later backed out of the love triangle between her, Syaoran, and Sakura in the third season.
Name: Meiling Li
Age: 10
Background: Syaoran's cousin. Studied martial arts together.
Characteristic: Her self confidence is sometimes misunderstood as being a showoff, but she is actually a very nice and understanding person. Except when it involve Syaoran.
Seiyuu: Yukana Nogami
Others: She claims to be Syaoran's fiancee
Kero chan's true form - Kerobero!!
Name: Kero Chan (Kerobero)
Age: unknown
Background: One of the protectors of Clow's cards
Characteristic: Cannot turn back into his true form, unless the cards Earth and Fire has been captured
Seiyuu: Masaya Onosaka
Others: Loves eating though he doesn't need to eat. He often say his true form is very cool!!
He used to date Kaho, but he's now in love with Yukito!
Name: Touya Kinomoto
Age: 17
Background: Sakura's brother
Characteristic: A very protective brother. Seems to poccess Extrasensory Perception (ESP), which allow him to see ghost
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki !! ^_^
Others: Seems to have a different part time job everyday. Loves Soccar
Yukito's true form - Yue.  Also in love with Touya
Name: Yukito Tsukishiro
Age: 17
Background: Moved to this town two years ago, lives with his grandparents (but we never get to see them ^_^") Touya's classmate
Characteristic: He's a very nice and cheerful person.
Seiyuu: Megumi Ogata
Others: He eats a lot! I mean a LOT!
When Clow Reed died, his soul was split into two.  Each half is reincarnated.  Eriol is one of the halves, the other half is.......
Name: Eriol Hiragizawa
Age: 10
Background: Just transfered to Japan from England
Characteristic: He's nice, but mysterious.
Seiyuu: Nozomu Sasaki
Others: He seems to be good at everything, just like Yukito and Touya.

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