Doki Doki Card Captor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura's original manga is done by Clamp. Other Clamp's work are Tokyo Babylon, X, and Magic Knight Rayearth. This is their Cutest work of all! Actually in my opinion, it is one of the cutest anime around. It's right has been picked up by Nelvana and is being broadcast in America as Cardcaptors. However, I highly recommend the subtitled version of this, because changes has been made to the English dubbed version, such as episode orders, and personalities of characters.

The second Card Captor Sakura movie is out in Japan. Here are the trailers. But these contains spoilers if you haven't watched up to the end of the Clow card series yet. You will need Quicktime to view them. The files sizes are 1.48Mb, and 2.07Mb respectively. Trailer one, two. I forgot the URL of the Japanese site I got them from..
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