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Name: Yusura
Age: 15
Background: The adopted daughter of a pharmacist.
Characteristic: Genki, a little tomboyish, and doesn't wear 'normal' women cloths.
Others: Runs a 'Hikeshi-ya' with Kongomaru inorder to look for her biological parents.
Name: Kishima Samon
Background: The son of a member of the royal family and a prostitude.
Characteristic: Extremely short-sight samurai.
Others: He seem to like Yusura...although he thought she was a guy at first.
Name: Kongomaru (the staff Yusura is holding)
Background: Was found under a cherry tree fifteen years ago with Yusura.
Characteristic: It glows blue when it absorbed sadness. The more sadness it absorbed, the bluer it gets.
Others: Forms 'Hikeshi-ya' with Yusura. Which provides a service that soothes people's sadness. It is the only clue to Yusura's real identity. I thought Kongomaru is important enough in the story to deserve a name card ^_^.
Name: Minekichi
Background: Don't really know, seems to work for Yusura's family.
Characteristic: He's not exactly the smartest guy, and he's not good with girls.
Others: I think he's cute, but he seems to be always SD in Vol. 2. (that's the only volume I got.) I would like to see more of him.
Name: Kazanosuke
Background: Cola Ninja from the village in the west called Coca.
Characteristic: Very loyal to his friends
Others: Ninjas are not suppose to have friends??!! He too seems to be always SD in Vol. 2. I would like to see more of him too! He has even less frames than Minekichi! He's the only person who recognised Yusura as a girl from their first encounter.
Please write to me if you know something about the characters that I didn't know about!
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