Anime and Manga related sites- all links open in new window.
Newtype magazine You haven't been an anime fan for long if you haven't heard of Newtype. It's now online in English!
Anime Turnpike General information, lots of links. I mean LOTS! All anime fans should know about this site.
Anime in Australia The name's pretty descriptive....
The Thingful Thinged Thingiemabobber of Manga-Things! This is a site maintain by Tetris no Miko. This link takes you to her main page, where you can find links to all her sites. Includes Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, Imadoki, and many others.
Animen Animen - the Bishonen universe. Choose a picture of a bishonen, and adopt him. I adopted Van.
Pocket Bishonen Catch your Bishonen! Pocket Bishonen, gotta catch them all!! See the ones I caught!
This is a site about Final Fantasy games on the PSX by my younger brother.
An anime site sent to me from May Chan.
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