"Vision of Escalflowne" does not fit into any particular genre. It consist a little bit of RPG, mecha, and fantasy. Neither can it fit into either Shojo or Shounen, but I think its main theme is "fate". Nevertheless, it is a very good animation with excellent background music. The type of music found in VoE also varied, there are classical, opera, and J-pop. The only down side would probably be the way characters are drawn. ("Ew, their noses!!") But, I don't have any problems with it once I started watching it though.....below is a brief summary of the first episode.
Summary of first episode
Hitomi is an ordinary athletic high school girl. If there were anything extraordinary about her, it would be her striking accuracy in Tarot card reading. In the first episode, Hitomi's best friend, Yukari, tells her the boy, Amano, she secretly admired is leaving for overseas. Yukari persuade Hitomi to confess her feelings to him. That night, Hitomi did a Tarot card reading on herself. The card of remote Island and the card of Courage appeared. She thought it indicated that somebody is going to a far away place, and she need to have courage. After that, Hitomi decided to confess to Amano.

Hitomi asked Amano to watch her run, if she finishes the track within 13 seconds, Amano has to kiss Hitomi. Amano agree to it. While Hitomi was running on the track, she bumped onto a boy in armour, who appeared in front of her out of nowhere. A dragon appeared soon after. After the boy in armour killed the dragon with help from Hitomi, a light column appeared where Hitomi and the boy was standing, Hitomi and the boy is then sucked up by the light column and disappeared.

Afterward, Hitomi found herself on a planet where Earth can be seen in the sky. The boy in armour is called Van, who is the prince of a country called Fanelia. However, Fanelia is destroyed by another country before the people could figure out a way to transport Hitomi back to Earth..................
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Series synopsis

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